These are the 10 biggest sex addicts on the big screen

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Although the controversial film Nymphomaniac has sparked quite a debate about erotic content, which seems to still be taboo, Lars Von Trier is not the first person to deal with this topic in the film field. Quite a few hot lovers co-created a sexy atmosphere on the big screen and small screens. Here are the 10 biggest screen sex addicts.

So we are looking The 10 biggest sex addicts on the big screen!

1. James Bond

“Oh, that handsome one James Bond,” will say many ladies who get hot as soon as the mysterious hero Ian Fleming step in front of the camera. His secret missions are a force of excitement and seduction agent 007 she is incredibly sexy. Let it be Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, James Bond there's only one, and with a bunch of said sexy actors fighting rugged villains, it's become a real sex symbol entertainment industry.

2. Jenna Maroney (30 Rock)

Sexy blonde Jenna Maroney we know from the comic series 30 rock, where she claims she slept with Kevin Federlin, Mickey Rourke, Phil Spector and Tom Arnold. Its fun sex life is intertwined with a film career, in which she is said to have shot a rather controversial video.

3. Don Draper (Advertisers)

Don Draper he is the epitome of true macho. He is self-confident, successful and dominant, which excites the fairer sex even more. Drink and women are his weak point, but only if they are far from his home.

4. Blanche Deveraux (The Golden Girls)

This freckled beauty is known for her incredible appetite for men, even though he is a little older. It was after her husband's death Blanche namely, she decided to fulfill her desire to satisfy her sexual desire. Her initials are also interesting and eloquent Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux – BED, which translates to bed.

5. Hank Moody (Californication)

David Duchovny many of us remember from the series The X-Files, and a few years later he found a role that suited him - Hank Moody, lewd writer, interested in women, Porsches and drugs, is the epitome of a midlife crisis commercial, although it also sent him into treatment sex addiction. Even in real life.

6. Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

After arriving in Sunnydale, it didn't take long for the sly brunette to seduce everyone she came in contact with. The character name is perfect – seductress you could easily say as well femme fatale, who kills as a joke.

7. Characters portrayed by Mae West

Hot and interesting Mae West most often accepted a role in which she actually played herself - sex symbol and a movie star. Hers provocative appearance and the way of speaking turned the censorship and stereotypes of Hollywood on its head.

8. Samantha Jones (Sex and the City)

If you ever needed advice on sex, you would Samantha Jones surely knew the right answer and the ideal solution. Samantha must not be forgotten when talking about this ticklish topic, because as an independent, successful and strong woman who loves to have fun, she is considered every man's dream come true. Self-confident and free as she is, she is the perfect modern woman who also fulfills all her fantasies.

9. Meredith Palmer (The Office)

Redhead Meredith although she is already middle-aged, she is freed from all social prejudices, so she has no problems expressing her strong self sexual desire, which often leads her to a colleague.

10. Jason Stackhouse (True Blood)

A chiseled blonde Jason Stackhouse pass your time in a boring town by chasing women and enjoying the sexy vices, but his insatiability has repeatedly led him into life-threatening situations.

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