10 fun and flirty ways to revive your sex life

Revive your relationship with these brilliant tips

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Revival of sex life?! When you've been with your partner for a while, it's natural for things to feel a little dusty in the bedroom. But just because the spark has faded doesn't mean you can't rekindle it. Whether you're looking to add some excitement to your routine or trying to beat a dry spell, these fun and flirty tips will help spice up your sex life and rekindle your intimacy.

Try something new in the bedroom: shake up your routine by trying a new position, incorporating sex toys or experimenting with different types of foreplay. As someone who has been in a long-term relationship, I know firsthand how easy it is to fall into a sexual rut. But I've found that trying something new in the bedroom can be a great way to break out of that routine and keep things exciting and fresh. My partner and I recently decided to try incorporating a vibrator into foreplay, something we've never done before. Not only did it add some extra excitement, but it also allowed us to explore new types of pleasure together.

Set the mood: light some candles, turn on some sexy music and create a romantic atmosphere to set the mood for intimacy.

Creating a sensual and romantic atmosphere can do wonders for your sex life. I like to light some candles and play soft music to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. It's amazing how just a few small touches can make a big difference in how you feel with your partner.

Be physical outside the bedroom too: physical touch can establish intimacy and connection. Try holding hands, cuddling or massaging each other throughout the day.

Physical touch doesn't have to be limited to the bedroom. Sometimes even a simple hug or kiss can go a long way in establishing intimacy and connection. Holding hands or cuddling while watching TV with your partner is a small but powerful way to stay connected.

Photo: envato

Dress up for your partner: wear something sexy or wear something that makes you feel confident and attractive. It can be a great way to build anticipation and excitement.

When was the last time you put a sexy outfit on your partner? Taking the time to groom yourself and feel confident and attractive can be a great way to build anticipation and excitement. I like to surprise my partner with a sexy set of underwear or a new outfit that I know he'll like. This is a simple but effective way to keep it spicy.

Explore your fantasies: Discussing your fantasies and desires openly can be a great way to build intimacy and explore new sexual experiences together.

Talking about your fantasies can be scary, but it can also be incredibly liberating. My partner and I recently discussed some of our deepest desires and it was amazing to see how much we have in common. We now explore some of these fantasies together and it has been an amazing way to build intimacy and deepen our connection.

Make time for dating: Make time for normal dates that don't involve scrolling through your phone or watching TV. Try new activities or revisit old favorites to keep things fresh and exciting.

It's easy to get stuck in a Netflix and chill routine, but taking the time to plan special dates can be a great way to break out of that pattern. My partner and I like to plan dates where we try new restaurants, go to a museum or take a dance class together. This helps us stay connected and gives us something to look forward to each week.

Send flirty messages: Send flirty messages to your partner throughout the day to build anticipation and show them you're thinking of them.

Sending flirty messages is a great way to keep the spark going even when you're not together. Whether it's a sexy selfie, a suggestive text, or a sweet message letting your partner know you're thinking of them, it can be a great way to build anticipation and maintain intimacy.

Treat yourself to a weekend getaway: A change of scenery can be a great way to get out of a rut and reconnect with your partner.

Sometimes you just need to step away from your daily routine to reconnect with your partner. My partner and I like to escape to nearby cities or scenic locations for the weekend, which gives us the opportunity to explore new places and spend quality time together. It's a great way to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and focus on each other.


Share your list of sexual experiences: Make a list of the sexual experiences you've always wanted to try and check them off the list together.

Creating a sex bucket list can be a fun and exciting way to explore new experiences together. My partner and I recently made a list of things we want to try, like role playing or having sex in public. It was a fun way to spice things up and push our boundaries in a safe and consensual way.

Show gratitude and respect: Tell your partner how much you appreciate them and everything they do for you. Feeling valued and loved can help build intimacy and bring you closer together.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your sex life and relationship healthy is to show your partner that you appreciate them. Whether it's a small gesture like making breakfast in bed or a heartfelt message to let them know how much you care, expressing gratitude can be an effective way to build intimacy and strengthen your bond.


Enriching your sex life and reviving intimacy with your partner is meant to keep you fun, flirtatious and exciting. By trying new things, communicating openly, and showing respect for one another, you can keep the spark alive and deepen your connection in ways that will improve your relationship for years to come.

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