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What is biometrics? Biometrics is the measurement or evaluation of human characteristics and peculiarities. We use the collected data to establish and verify the identity of the individual. In such identification attention is directed to the small &s

What is biometrics?

Biometrics is the measurement or evaluation of human characteristics and peculiarities. We use the collected data to establish and verify the identity of the individual. In such identification, attention is directed to a small number of human physical characteristics or behavioral characteristics that belong exclusively to one person. These include fingerprints and palm prints, iris pattern, facial image, voice color, way of walking, typing... Which characteristic will be used for authentication depends on the purpose. We will almost certainly not use a facial image to enter an apartment, just as we will not use a walking method or a voice command to enter high-security areas.

Where did you enter this story?

When I joined the company Linde mpa, the basic idea was already outlined, it was already in some development process. With my arrival, we only started to further develop the matter, namely as a pilot project for schools and kindergartens. This was also the main reason why they invited me to participate in the development of time registers. schools face various problems, mainly bureaucratic. Based on this, we wanted to develop the best possible time recorder, which would make the work of calculating working hours easier. Based on the data, we created a system that schools are now testing. In this scheme, I am an intermediary link between the programmer and the end customer.

Where does it come from to make a person's signature, key or identification mark a unique feature?

The idea is probably almost as old as civilization itself. The first fingerprints were discovered on clay tablets as early as Babylonian times, and an English administrator in India pressed his palm on a contract around 1860. Later, he signed with his thumbprint. It is about the fact that in certain situations we have to prove with something that it is us and not someone else. We "convince" the door mostly with a key that the right person is entering through it, we withdraw money from the bank account when we type in the right number, and so on. Many things can be misused, but biometrics focuses only on those features that are unique, i.e. unrepeatable.

With the use of our fingerprints instead of keys, have the romantic times of interwoven burglars finished their story?

I wouldn't look at it so narrowly. There is always room for maneuver for both the romantic and the sophisticated. Romantics can easily be entered into our fingerprint reader, and sophisticated burglars will certainly not waste time with a door protected by biometrics if they can enter through a basement window or balcony door. Biometrics, which we use in private and business life, is mainly about the convenience of living without keys, cards and the like.

Is the possibility of using biometrics and biometric systems limited at all?

Biometric systems have their advantages and disadvantages, so for each field of application it is necessary to consider whether they are reasonable and useful. If we look at the fields of biometrics, taking into account reliability, user acceptance, operation under various environmental influences, etc., the fingerprint is at the very top. Due to their size, the devices are suitable for protecting personal computers, offices, homes, cars, garages, as well as for areas of high security in financial institutions, research centers and government offices. Since the systems can be upgraded, they are useful in many areas.

Are the devices that make our lives more comfortable getting smarter?

The most modern devices are "smart" and teachable. The fingerprint reader only reacts to a live finger. If thieves in action movies of the 1990s could only break into a safe using the skin of a real person, they won't be able to do it today. The reader recognizes even a damaged finger or a changing one in children, as it constantly checks the stored sample with the one being taken at a given moment, and refreshes and updates it. Biometrics simplifies everyday life and significantly increases security.

What would an ideal smart house be like, how would it communicate with us or we with it?

Today, it is the smart house that "obeys" us. With a touch or a click, it starts to make our wishes come true. It is about the integration of systems such as access control, lighting, heating, audio and video devices, household appliances, irrigation systems, alarms... Tomorrow the smart house will "talk" to us, learn our habits and faithfully adapt to us. It will know which room we are in and will adjust the functions: turn on the light at a certain time, turn on our favorite genre of music or fill the bathtub for us.

Where can we enter the world of touch, mind reading and learning devices?

Such a world can already be the Dom fair in Ljubljana or any other European fair where manufacturers of "learning" devices, such as the ekey fingerprint reader, are presented. At least 15 such manufacturers presented themselves at the Ljubljana Fair alone this year. Fingerprint readers are also used by Casino Riviera, Casino Mulino, casino. si, government departments, private individuals and companies.

Do different devices take care of your comfort even in your free time?

For most holidays, I could say it's the other way around. In a certain way, it is best if there is no electricity on vacation, it is important to enjoy and gain new energy. Recently, I have been fascinated by the Greek islands, where I mostly stay in simple apartments. But even in my daily life, I make sure that I use up my energy and thus purify myself. By this I mean mainly running. If I have enough time, I run a standard 5 km every day. I usually have a coffee and a snack during a break in Glažuta or Stara mačka.

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"If thieves in action movies of the 1990s could break into a safe with only the skin of a real person, they won't be able to do it today."

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