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Did your study stay in Ljubljana last longer than expected because of your many hobbies? In a life in which everything is foreseen, including what is not foreseen, it is difficult to say that the extended stay in Ljubljana (read: study time) was due to things that...

Did your study stay in Ljubljana last longer than expected because of your many hobbies?

In a life in which everything is foreseen, including what is not foreseen, it is hard to say that the extended stay in Ljubljana (read: study time) was unforeseen due to the things that fill my life. He maintains, however, that it took about a year and a half longer than is foreseen in the study program. The faculty is still standing today, but the wind stops, the snow melts, ideas and concerts run away... Today, how do you combine your hobbies with such a serious and responsible job?

Fortunately, I don't work in a factory where I have to stamp a card at 8:00am and 4:30pm. However, it is true that sometimes due to urgent tasks it is necessary to simply let go of a certain thing. You can't do everything at once, so sometimes I vacillate between different hobbies, but if there's a chance, surfing definitely wins. Even with regard to vacation, it is possible to agree and coordinate nicely with the boss, which ultimately helps to coordinate appointments more easily.

You live different lifestyles. So you have three different wardrobes?

At least three, actually, if you include the wetsuit for surfing.

You are also the singer of Curse of Instinct. How did you get into the band? Is it a way to release your energy and express your feelings?

I have been involved in various groups since elementary school. Curse of Instinct has been around for a good eight years with the simple reason of making music you like and for your own satisfaction. Of course, this is also about releasing energy, but at the same time also about receiving it, expressing emotions, opinions, views on the world, forming friendships and getting to know "nature and society".

When and where did you first come into contact with snowboarding?

In 1992, my sister and I watched the border film Critical Condition on Eurosport with the greatest legends of the snowboarding world at that time. Then Santa came a little early with a new board in the basket - it was a "Crazy Banana", which is anything but a suitable board for learning, but it was enough to get addicted to this sport. Since then, a lot has happened in this relationship. I met a lot of friends through boarding. Of course, I also have to point out the joy of winning various matches, the sadness of defeats, as well as injuries and surgeries, and in recent years, especially the learning of young freestylers.

During the winter, you spend all weekends in Pohorje as a snowboarding teacher. With such a stressful job, how do you still find the patience to work with children?

If it didn't make me happy, I certainly wouldn't be doing it. I enjoy watching the kids progress in their driving, learning new tricks, but at the end of the day, I'm still a kid myself (at least at heart), so I get on very well with them (laughs).

When learning, do you wish you had children yourself, or are you just passing on your love of snowboarding to others?

No, I'm not that far. It is simply about enjoying the sport and watching the children, who are also taken by snowboarding and enjoy it.

Similar question: how did you learn about windsurfing? Does this represent food for your soul or just another obligation?

My fears are "to blame" for this, as my sister and I were transported on the back of the boards as children, and as soon as I could raise the sail (this was somehow in the first grade of elementary school), I sailed on by myself. I think I already have enough obligations and as soon as windsurfing felt like an obligation, I would definitely not do it again. Of course, this is unlikely to happen. Food for the soul - an interesting parable. I would probably starve to death looking at last season, so I hope this year doesn't make my stomach rumble too much (laughs).

As a passionate windsurfer, you have always traveled a lot. Where can we meet you on the water?

I don't really travel much - at least not as much as I'd like. Sometimes, mainly for financial reasons, we drove to nearby "spots" on the Slovenian and Croatian coasts and on the Neusiedlersee near Vienna. Now, if possible, I also fly to the Canary Islands, Greece, the Caribbean. Of course, we should not neglect the local gravel pit in Hoče, or Šodrce as we call it.

Many would describe you as an unusual nomad. How do you manage to combine all this? Do you have to give up anything because of all the interesting activities?

I especially give up watching Spanish serials... hehe, you understand me. Otherwise, things just come together. It's hard to plan in advance, so you let yourself go and see what happens - if it's windy at sea, you get in the car and go to the sea; if you have a concert or a tour, you get in the van and go wherever you need to go; when you have to go to work, you have to go to work; when you have band rehearsals, you go to rehearsals; if you're at home and the weather is nice, you go cycling, snowboarding, climbing..., but it's true that too often you don't have time for anything else, especially if you want to see your girlfriend as often as possible or go out with friends for a drink, to the cinema or and spend a calm Sunday with loved ones.

When you find time, where do you take your girlfriend for a nice dinner?

It also depends on her. If there is a special occasion, my vote goes to a Chinese restaurant, but not over a family pizza on some pier after a good "surfaria".

Where does your journey take you if none of the above is on your schedule?

I often ride my bike in Pohorje and the surrounding hills, recently I have started free climbing again and if someone takes me along, the path takes me to some natural or artificial wall.

How will your obligations keep up in the next two months? Do you have an important treatment waiting for you, when does the boarder season end, when does the surfing season begin? Where can we see you with the band?

I will definitely be at work during the week doing everything that goes with it. As for the border season, it will end miserably sooner than expected, unless some more dust falls. I could start surfing slowly, usually the season has practically not ended at all, but this year I am taking the longest surfing break after a long time. End of February or I'm going somewhere warm for two weeks at the beginning of March, but I don't know exactly where yet. The band and I are currently working on new material for the next album, so we will start concerts at the end of March in our immediate and wider homeland (Slovenia and the EU). Somewhere in between, I'm going to get a tattoo again, I hope to do some climbing too, maybe record something in the studio, have a drink with as many friends as possible or even go to the cinema.

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"I especially give up watching Spanish soap operas...hehe..."

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