Research has shown: these are the most common sexual fantasies in men and women

The most popular item on the women's list is the blindfold, while the triplet is the number one item on the men's list.

A useful way to liven up life in the bedroom and bring passion into it is to write your "bucket list" of fantasies and start realizing them, one by one. For those of you who have no inspiration or are still looking for something of your own, maybe it can help recent research, where participants revealed their favorite sexual fantasies.

2,897 people participated in it, and they were divided into two groups - women (1,452) and men (1,445). The results showed what both of them want to experience in the bedroom. They put women at the top of their list blindfold, and men triplets. The least popular fantasy is for women writing an erotic story for a partner, while men want the least experimenting with food. Both sexes are fond of indulging in carnal pleasures in the jacuzzi, sex is also a hit in public, except that women would prefer to be in the elevator and men in the public toilet.

Research conducted by Onbuy.com also revealed that high on both lists is also virtual entertainment, except there is one major difference. Men would prefer sex over video and women over the phone. Videos aren't on the women's list at all, and you won't find anal sex on their list either. Disappointed?

The most popular sexual fantasies of women

  • blindfold (35 %)
  • sex in the jacuzzi (31 %)
  • having sex in an elevator (26 %)
  • role play (24 %)
  • sexy photo shoot (20 %)
  • bondage (18 %)
  • strangulation (16 %)
  • sex over the phone (14 %)
  • triple (12 %)
  • sex on the beach (10 %)
  • watching an adult film with a partner (9 %)
  • use of flavored lubricant (8 %)
  • writing an erotic story for a partner (7 %)

The most popular sexual fantasies of men

  • triplet (36 %)
  • sex by video (30 %)
  • sex in the jacuzzi (26 %)
  • having sex in a public toilet (22 %)
  • role play (22 %)
  • recording during sexual intercourse (20 %)
  • having sex on the balcony (19 %)
  • watching an adult film with a partner (17 %)
  • bondage (16 %)
  • anal intercourse (14 %)
  • having sex in the car (13 %)
  • using toys for couples (12 %)
  • "one-night-stand" (9 %)
  • sex and food (8 %)

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