What Milan Fashion Week brings - Fall/Winter 2015

Milan Fashion Week

The Fall/Winter 2015 fashion weeks are slowly coming to an end. After New York and London, it's time to see the fashion shows of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015. If you are interested in what fashion trends Italy has served for the next cold season, read on, as we have prepared a selection of the best that this year's "Fashion Week" Milan put on display.

Moschino, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Missoni and Marni are the names that (in our opinion) swept away their competition at this year's Fall/Winter Fashion Week in Milan. Iconic fashion houses, without which we cannot imagine the world of fashion, announced a sensual, strong and above all feminine fashion season of autumn/winter 2015. "Fashion Week" Milan 2015 enchanted us the most with autumn/winter collections...

Dolce Gabbana Fall/Winter 2015

Dolce & Gabbana dedicated their Fall/Winter 2015 collection to all mothers. Clothing collection "Viva La Mamma!" exudes femininity and elegance and consists of white, black and powder elegant dresses, coats and capes decorated with a red rose flower as a red thread.

Missoni Fall/Winter 2015

Angela Missoni dedicated the Fall/Winter 2015 collection to the 80s and put Missoni's signature zigzag patterns on a pedestal, interrupted here and there by marble patterns in screaming purple hues. The collection consists of tight, body-hugging knit dresses and jumpsuits, sharply contrasted by oversized jackets with heavily accentuated shoulders.

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Marni Fall/Winter 2015

Marni's Fall/Winter 2015 collection is definitely one of the strongest collections of this year's Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter. Consuelo Castiglioni sent a sophisticated troupe to the catwalks, through which she presented the art of superb layering of tunics, skirts, coats and furs. Among the fashionable accessories, leather belts in neutral color shades were the most represented, which, despite the rich layering, successfully captured the female silhouette.

Moschino Fall/Winter 2015

The biggest attraction of Milan Fashion Week, Moschino, surprised again. This time, beauties walked the catwalk, dressed in quilted leather clothes in bold color combinations, suitable for escaping to the rave scene of the 90s, dramatic toilets covered with graffiti and screaming stylings that are associated with the hip-hop scene of the 90s. You could say that Jeremy Scott tagged the Fall/Winter 2015 collection with his 90s hip-hop signature, while not forgetting his favorite Loony Tunes cartoon characters...

Versace Fall/Winter 2015

Donatella Versace turned over a new leaf with her Fall/Winter 2015 collection, presenting a collection that certainly looks to the future. She drew inspiration from the modern digital era, ruled by social networks. Despite modern inventions - hashtags, emojis and emoticons - she remained faithful to the traditional values of the Versace fashion house, which are above all good tailoring and a sensual touch. If any fashion house deserves the title of "sexiest", it is Versace.

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