Why should you sleep naked?

Not quite sure what's right? You used to sleep naked, but today pajamas are a mandatory part of your sleeping ritual. Which is healthier remains a subject of heated debate. We've put together a list of basic things you need to know if you sleep naked.

Do you sleep naked?! Your better half has convinced you that it's healthier to wear pajamas. Do you only sleep in your underwear?! Research shows that less than half of people in the Western world sleep naked, while everyone else sticks to the safe haven of pajamas or at least underwear.

What you should know if you like sleep naked?

You will sleep more deeply.

Scientists from the University of Amsterdam were discovered, that our sleep is deeper when the temperatures are slightly lower. And sleeping naked will definitely make you feel a little cooler.

It can help you lose weight.

Sleeping without clothes does not in itself lead to a dream figure. However, such sleep also means sleeping in a cooler environment, which proven it speeds up the metabolism and indirectly helps in losing a kilo or two.

Sleeping without clothes can also help you lose weight.
Sleeping without clothes can also help you lose weight.

It is good for your skin.

Our skin is covered by clothes all day long. If we sleep naked, that finally a chance to breathe a little. This also keeps our cells more flexible and protects them from signs of aging.

It helps to maintain your hair.

If you sleep naked and therefore in cooler temperatures, you are less likely to sweat. But the way affects the hair's increased brittleness.

It has a beneficial effect on your reproductive organs.

For both men and women, when they sleep naked, it it has a beneficial effect on their reproductive organs. Of course, this only applies when the hygiene of the bedding is taken care of.

If you sleep naked, you are more than obviously doing a lot of good.
If you sleep naked, you are more than obviously doing a lot of good.

It will boost your confidence.

Sleeping naked will help you feel more at home in your own skin. This will also increase your self-confidence, which will further have a beneficial effect on other aspects of your everyday life.

It will ignite the pleasures of bed.

According to the research those who sleep naked experience more romance in their marriage and report greater satisfaction.

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