April 1st: 10 April Fool's Day Prank Ideas That Really Work

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April 1st is upon us and many people are already looking forward to trying all kinds of pranks on their loved ones. We suggest that this year you forget about used pranks about engagement or expecting a child - it will be much easier to deceive your friends with creative, innocent lies. To make this year's April 1st the most fun yet, we have prepared 10 ideas for April Fool's pranks.

1. Pretend it's the second day of the week

This year we will see April 1st in Friday and most will already be looking forward to and preparing for the weekend. If your friend is more confused varieties, you can bring him around by, say, complaining to him that they are Thursdays your least favorite days, because that's when you have the most work. When he reminds you in amazement what day it is, confidently convince him that it is it disturbs.
This prank will most likely not last a long time, but has a great chance of success.

2. Give the impression that you are late

Is there anything worse than waking up? no alarm clock, to feel that there is something wrong, then find out that you are missed the alarm and that you will missed work? You can try this trick on partner, for which you will only need a few acting skills. If you want the prank to last longer, we suggest yes turn the clocks a few hours ahead.
This trick has a high chance of success also because many people in the first moments of the morning he won't even remember that he's waking up on prank day.

Convince your partner that they woke up too late Photo: Kampus Production / Pexels

3. Send a suspicious message

All you'll need for this trick is mobile phone. We suggest that you send your friend first thing in the morning unusual, suspicious message, such as: "Would you be willing to lie to the police for me?"
A friend will most likely react amazed and asked you what happened. Then you do one of two things: at all don't answer or act like you do you don't know, what he talks about and gives messages at all you did not send.

4. "Forget" the prank

Sometimes the best prank is the one that gets pranked cancel. It can be heard unbelievable, but once you get the hang of this scam, it will soon become clear to you.
First, convince your friend that you're already looking forward to it, that you will have it for April 1st pulled the nose, and then that day don't do it nothing at all. Of course, be with him in contact, you can even remind him of the most unusual things and adventures you have experienced. Your friend will be like this all day asked, which of your statements not true and tried you in vain caught in a lie.

5. Pretend you're on vacation

If you want more easy April Fool's jokes, then we suggest pretending in front of your friends that you went to unexpected holidays. The easiest way to do this is to give them through messages you send pictures paradise beaches, of the hotel, of the sea
In order for the joke to really work, we suggest that you come up with how you suddenly got vacation, with whom you left why this particular destination, etc.

Will your friends believe you're on vacation? Photo: Tyler Lastovich / Pexels

6. Tell your friend you signed him up for the marathon

This prank comes in several different ones versions, which one you choose depends on what your friend likes the most he hates. If it is far from sports type and Mrs run doesn't appeal, tell him you signed him up on marathon, if you prefer at home, promise him wild fun, if it ranks among more "frozen", tell him you made a reservation hiking in the snowy mountains
If it is tried slip away, act like it's a pity impossible– you spent money on the ticket a lot of money.

7. Scare a friend with a message

If you want a friend a bit scare, the easiest way to achieve this is to send it to him message, such as: "I have something urgent to tell you." or "Can I ask you something?", and then to him for a while you don't answer. Many people will be so worried that it is something happened, yes to him you hold grudges… so make sure this joke only lasts little time and that friend soon you call back.

8. Make up your mind that you and your ex are back together

You want get angry your best friend? Then we suggest letting her know you owe her something to tell, and then you "admit" that z exes– to those whom she absolutely hates- they are getting together again.
This is bound to cause something disappointments and persuasion, to think again, but we guarantee that these feelings will turn into relief and laughter as soon as you reveal to your friend that it's an April Fool's joke.

You will definitely shock your girlfriend Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

9. Offer them chocolate that isn't

If your friend ranks among the sweet tooth, we suggest surprising him with a delicious one chocolate eggs– which is actually something completely different. For this trick you will need Brussels sprouts, which you will pour with chocolate, and then "dessert" frozen.
Your friend will no doubt be there for seconds appalled, and then there will be no shortage of laughs.

10. Convince them that a highly anticipated event has been cancelled

Is it getting close a concert, the fair or any other event, which your friend can't wait for? Then we suggest you convince him that it was an event cancelled and thus turn his joy into disappointment– of course only for a few minutes.
You will need something for this prank acting skills, but we also suggest that you make up your own exact reason, which caused the event to be cancelled.

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