Terms of use

The terms of use are an agreement between the service provider and the service user. 

The terms of use apply to all forms of use of the CityMagazine.si website and to all forms of interactive communication enabled by the Citymagazine.si website. The use of the Citymagazine.si website includes, among other things, access to websites and other content within the Citymagazine.si website, the use of functions and services of the Citymagazine.si website, as well as the transfer of files and other content from the Citymagazine.si website. The content of the General Terms and Conditions constitutes a legally valid and binding agreement between the provider and the users of the CityMagazine.si website.

The law of the Republic of Slovenia applies to the general conditions of use, and in the event of any dispute in connection with these general conditions of use or in connection with the use of the Citymagazine.si website, the local jurisdiction of the competent court in Ljubljana is agreed for such a dispute.

1. Definition of terms

The publisher, owner, administrator of the Citymagazine.si website is the company Reformabit doo, Krtina 144, 1233 Dob, Slovenia (hereinafter the publisher).
* Route providers are providers of the internet connection that users or the provider rent from them.
* User of the service is any person who uses the Citymagazine.si.si website in any way (hereinafter the user).
* Content user/service is anyone who visits the Citymagazine.si website.

Use is allowed to an indefinite number of users who accept the publisher's service in the manner, under the conditions and in accordance with these Terms and other instructions of the provider.

2. Personal data

In terms of personal data protection, the user expressly allows Reformabit doo to use and process the obtained user's personal data for their own needs and, at their own discretion, to send them notifications regarding their activities. The company Mestne Revija collects personal data from users for its own use for the purposes of marketing and sending notifications. If personal data is collected from the user, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), the user will have the right to view the catalog of the personal data collection, to view the personal data contained in the personal data collection and refer to the user, and the right to copy or copy them (Article 30 ZVOP-1). Likewise, the user from whom personal data will be collected will have the right to request that Reformabit complete, correct, block or delete the personal data relating to the user if he can prove that they are incomplete, inaccurate or out of date or that were collected or processed in violation of the law (Article 32 ZVOP-1). The user can exercise the stated rights by sending a request to the Reformabit contact address.

In the event that the user's data is ever used for the purpose of direct marketing, the user may at any time request in writing or in another agreed manner that Mestne revje permanently or temporarily cease using the user's personal data for this purpose.

All terms and methods of data protection are available at the following web address:

3. Description of the Citymagazine.si website

The website Citymagatine.si offers daily contributions from various areas of everyday life. It offers website users advice, suggestions and ideas from cultural and social events, fashion guidelines, technological and automotive innovations, cooking recipes, beauty tips, ideas for travel and urban escapes.

4. Accessibility of the Citymagazine.si website

The website is generally accessible 24 hours a day and every day of the year. The provider reserves the right to short-term interruptions in access to CityMagazine.si websites for maintenance and equipment replacement. For reasons related to maintenance, the provider also reserves the right to suspend access to Citymagazine.si for longer periods. The provider does not guarantee the availability of the site in the event of possible outages in the networks of the route providers, or any outages, errors, other technical disturbances or interruptions in the operation of third parties (power supply...) and force majeure.

5. Privacy and data protection

The company Reformabit doo undertakes to respect the privacy of users and will not forward their personal data to third parties without the user's consent. The user agrees that Mestne revje may use his data for the purposes of its own analysis, to which the user expressly agrees. The user is not obliged to reveal his identity, unless he chooses to do so. Reformabit doo is committed to maximum care for the privacy of all data, but nevertheless warns that abuses are possible. Reformabit will protect users' personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Citymagazine.si website uses cookies. These are files that are stored on the user's computer and, among other things, allow the user to be recognized when visiting the website again. This allows Reformabit to perform a usage evaluation. As a general rule, the user can refuse or delete cookies through the appropriate settings of the web browser used to access the portal, but in this case the user agrees that it is possible that he will no longer be able to use all the functions of the portal.

With the help of the software used, some technical data are also collected and stored, including the user's IP address. However, there is no identification or collection of personal data about the persons behind this data or the persons using the terminal equipment.

The publisher undertakes to carefully protect user data and to use it exclusively for the needs of providing services. Personal data of users will be protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

6. Use of the portal
The user undertakes that when using the Citymagazine.si website, he will not use words or phrases or publish content that would be offensive, could damage honor or good name, or that would call for any form of hatred, discord or intolerance, or which would encourage other inequalities or pose a threat.

The user also undertakes not to use the Citymagazine.si website in violation of the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and not to publish propaganda and advertising content on the said website.

The user also undertakes not to acquire, collect and/or store personal data of other users. He also undertakes not to disturb or disturb other users in their use of the website.

The city magazine company reserves the right to block the usernames of users who insult, publicly incite hatred, discord or intolerance, are excessively obscene, advertise, or in any way violate the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia or more seriously violate these general conditions when using the Citymagazine.si website. of use.

The user should use the services in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the service publisher and the instructions of the route provider. Users should be aware that despite the care and control of the services, abuses are possible. The service provider will inform its users about all changes and innovations in all places where the instructions for using the services and the Terms and Conditions are published.

7. Liability

Reformabit does not guarantee the accuracy, precision or comprehensiveness of the data provided on the Citymagazine.si website. Therefore, it is in no way responsible for any inaccuracy, inaccuracy or omission in the data available on the website and for any possible damage.

City magazines do not guarantee uninterrupted access to content and services on the Citymagazine.si website. The user is thus aware and accepts that access to any content and/or services on the website may be interrupted or disabled at any time and that Reformabit doo is excluded from any liability in this regard.

Reformabit also disclaims responsibility for any third-party content that users may access through the website.

Before deciding to participate in the events that are published on the portal, check the accuracy of the information with the indicated web pages and contact persons. Events may be canceled or changed due to weather or other circumstances.

The user must be aware that:
* Online technologies for downloading and accessing content are not 100% reliable. Reformabit does not assume responsibility for possible service interruptions due to route providers.
* Reformabit and the route provider are not responsible for incorrect operation of the services, which is the result of incorrect use and ignorance of the user.
* The user needs a suitable computer to use the video content.
* To use video content, the user needs a sufficiently fast internet connection. The minimum required connection speed is 512 Kbps, and a minimum of 1 Mbps is recommended.
* The content provider cannot guarantee the operation of the services in the event of network failure of contractual partners, power outages or other technical disturbances that could temporarily disrupt the operation of the services.
* Reformabit is not responsible for the content published on the Citymagazine.si website, the authors of which are Citymagazine.si website users.
* The content provider reserves the right to remove inappropriate messages, photos, videos, etc.

8. The user undertakes to:

He will not use the service for the purpose of publishing or propagating any content and/or activity that is contrary to applicable legislation and/or public order and morality, he will not use threats, derogatory, humiliating or offensive expressions in his communication, he will not communicate with other users on behalf of other persons, will not use the service for commercial, illegal or any other purposes than those specified in these conditions, will not distribute copyrighted content or content owned by another legal or natural person, will not attempt to obtain, collect and/or store personal data of other users, will not harass other users if they express their disagreement with the communication, will not copy, store or forward all or part of the content in any way, will not use computer codes, harmful programs or anything that could interfere with, disable or damage this service, the service provider and its software and hardware, route provider and telecommunications devices.

9. Prize games

By participating in the prize draw, participants agree to these rules. The provided basic data of the winner (name, surname and address) and tax number are a condition for receiving the prize. For minor prize winners, parents or legal representatives must fill out and sign a declaration of consent for the use of the prize. More detailed instructions on receiving the prize will be sent to the winner together with the prize notification.

All tax obligations are not included in the prize amount. Before accepting the prize, which is higher than the amount of €60, the winner must settle the amount of advance income tax (personal income tax) in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 126 ZDOH-2. The payer of the award (Reformabit doo) is responsible for paying all tax obligations and submitting the prescribed forms to DURS.

Prize winners must submit a certificate of their tax number to the prize giver before the prize is awarded. Submission of the certificate is a condition for awarding the prizes.

Prizes cannot be exchanged for other goods and are not redeemable in cash. Each voter can only be drawn once. In the event that someone is drawn twice, the second prize is not awarded only to that person, but the draw is repeated. Not all employees and external collaborators of Reformabit doo, including their close relatives, are eligible for awards.

By participating in the prize game, the participant allows the organizer to collect, process and store the provided personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette RS 68/2004). The organizer undertakes to protect the data of the participants carefully and in accordance with the law.

By participating in the prize draw, the participant gives permission to the organizer that, if he is drawn, his information, i.e. NAME, SURNAME and PLACE OF RESIDENCE, will be published in the organizer's media. By participating in the prize game, you allow the company Reformabit, doo to process your personal data in its collections and use them for the following purposes: statistical processing, customer segmentation, processing of past purchasing behavior, sending offers, advertising material, magazines and invitations to events and for telephone, written and electronic surveying and collection of orders. Personal data can be processed indefinitely or until the participant's written consent is revoked.

The organizer reserves the right to publish in the media the names of the awardees and photos and recordings of any awards ceremony. The organizer does not have to pay the prize-winners for the publication of names, photos and recordings of the award in the media and for participation in a public event.

All complaints and reclamations are handled by the organizer. In case of well-founded complaints, the organizer undertakes to resolve them within the statutory period and inform the participant thereof.

The organizer may change these rules if required by technical or commercial reasons or reasons on the part of the public. The organizer will keep the participants informed about all changes and novelties of the campaign.
The draw takes place in the presence of a committee consisting of three people. Two are employees of the organizer's company, the third person is external.

The record of the draw drawn up by the committee and the list of winners will be saved, and the organizer will notify the winners. The commission's draw is final and cannot be appealed.

If the organizer detects abuse of voting, it has the right to disqualify the participant.

10. About cookies on the website
Cookies are small text files that most websites store on users' devices with which they access the Internet in order to identify the individual devices that users used to access. Their storage is under the full control of the browser used by the user - it can limit or disable the storage of cookies as desired.

Cookies are fundamental for providing user-friendly online services. The most common e-business functions would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the individual's preferences and experiences, thereby saving time and making browsing the web more efficient and pleasant.

Cookies are used by most websites, they are a convenient means of keeping content fresh and appropriate, which is in line with the interests and preferences of the individual web user. There are several reasons for using cookies, the first of which is certainly their ability to store data about the state of an individual website (details about adjustments to an individual website), they help in the implementation of various online services (online stores), they help in the collection of various statistics, about the habits of the online user - because only with them can the frequency of visiting a certain website be monitored.

Companies can use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of the design of their websites, as well as the appropriateness of the type and number of advertisements they offer to users on their websites.

* Cookies of the most common external websites / services (third-party cookies) / on this link.

Users are provided with technical support and assistance via email urednistvo@citymagazine.si.

11. Complaints
Reformabit conducts all potential complaints and other procedures with users in accordance with its operating rules and the applicable legislation of the Republic of Slovenia. The city magazines undertake to promptly solve any technical and/or substantive complaints.

In the case of justified complaints, Reformabit will ensure that the reasons for the complaint are eliminated and, if they find irregularities on the part of the route provider, they will forward it to the route provider, who is obliged to rectify the error. In case of well-founded complaints, Mestne revija undertakes to eliminate them within a reasonable time and to notify the user thereof. If the complaints relate to the route provider, Reformabit will forward the complaints in question to the relevant department of the route provider, which is obliged to rectify the error. All complaints related to the operation of the Internet network are handled by the service user's Internet connection provider.

12. Violation of Terms
Reformabit reserves the right to deny access to the Citymagazine.si website to users who violate the Terms or act contrary to them. If the user causes any damage to the lodger or route provider through his actions, he is fully morally, materially and criminally responsible for it.

Report any violations in the use of websites by other users to the service provider at the email address: urednistvo@citymagazine.si or in writing at the address Reformabit doo, Krtina 144, 1233 Dob.

13. Copyright / copyrighted
The website as well as the printed product of City Magazine with all related editions are copyrighted and the product of editors and authors in collaboration with Reformabit. Any misuse may be subject to a claim for damages, theft of copyrighted works.

14. Validity of the Agreement
Until canceled or changed on these pages.

The terms of use of the website apply in conjunction with the terms of privacy, cookies and data protection at this address:

Privacy & Cookies & Data Protection

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