Londonski črni taksi
London's black cab has succumbed to progress! The world of transportation is about to undergo a revolutionary change. Uber, a pioneer in the ride-sharing world, is announcing a surprising partnership with London's iconic black cabs. What does this mean for Londoners and the future of public transport?
When the days get shorter and the autumn breeze gently whispers through the leaves, Opatija transforms into a land of chocolate wonders. It is not only a place where chocolate lovers meet, but also a place where stories are woven between the smells of cocoa and the sound of the sea. This year was especially festive, as my family and I went to the 17th Chocolate Festival in Opatija, an event that transcends all boundaries with its magic.
48 ur za jezero Como
Only 48 hours for Lake Como! When history, culture and natural wealth intertwine, places like Lake Como are born. Surrounded by towering peaks and sparkling blue, this Alpine wonder in Lombardy has always been considered an idyllic escape. In the following lines, we invite you to experience 48 hours with us in this Italian jewel, where every step and view merge into an unforgettable romantic narrative.
kjer je v Evropi poletje tudi pozimi
Winter is a time for warm socks and hot cocoa, but all is not lost for those who want the sun's rays on their skin. You don't have to wait for summer to enjoy the warmth; Europe hides corners where you can turn off the central heating in the middle of winter. So in Europe it is summer even in winter. Let's take a look at the hottest European destinations that are ideal for a winter holiday without having to dress up like Eskimos.
evropska smučišča z najboljšo Après-Ski zabavo
For winter sports fans, the thrill of skiing or snowboarding on pristine slopes is undoubtedly exhilarating. But for those looking for the perfect mix of adventure and high life, après-ski fun is an essential component of the ideal winter getaway. Whether you long for a quiet afternoon with a hot drink or want to dance a little after skiing, Europe's ski resorts have the best Après-Ski entertainment for you. In this guide, we reveal the key factors to consider when choosing the right resort, and delve into five of Europe's best ski destinations that promise unforgettable skiing experiences.
In the fall, Europe becomes an enchanting playground for travelers looking for a fall vacation destination. Fresh air, golden scenery and the charm of smaller, less crowded towns make autumn the ideal season to explore the Old Continent. Whether you long for charming cobbled streets, stunning views or rich history, this list will guide you to the charming cities in Europe where you can experience the magic of autumn.

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