Did you know that in the coming months, Tesla will show all manufacturers that they are as obsolete as BlackBerry after the iPhone?

At the turning point of technologies: FSD

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Elon Musk has shaken the foundations of the automotive industry once again, and he is ready to unveil a technology that could be as big a revolution as Apple's iPhone in the world of smartphones. Tesla is preparing to present a new generation of cars that will be able to drive completely independently, without any human intervention. In the coming months, Tesla aims to prove that the rest of the automakers are as obsolete as BlackBerry with the advent of the iPhone, as Elon Musk remains focused on his vision of the future of mobility, despite the many criticisms flying against him.

At first it seems to be around Tesla and Elon Musk many negative statements. Those of us who understand media psychology know why this is so. Elon Musk and his companies have shuffled the cards of established norms, and always in history, when someone comes along whose inventions or discoveries change the world, they are seen as different, and many see a flaw in the system, or one that the established society mocks or she opposes him out of stubbornness.

It is similar with Elon Musk, which many automotive journalists see as an auto industry charlatan, not realizing that Musk never got into the auto industry for the industry itself, but for the innovation that drives the world. Above all, he believed in two things: that cars with an electric drive drive better and that artificial intelligence will be the first to completely independently handle driving and related problems and decisions.

Photo: Tesla
Will the brake pedal slowly become a thing of the past?!
Elon Musk with Tesla, he created not just another car company, but a company whose main business is artificial intelligence. However, it is true that the company does not advertise this much. The final product will therefore be an artificial intelligence process that will learn to drive much better than a human, based on the driving patterns of millions of drivers and kilometers driven. This artificial intelligence, which will be able to mimic behavior as complex as human driving, will actually be able to simulate and emulate every physical job a human does today.

While the big car giants were thinking about cars that would talk to each other and contain advanced radar technologies, Elon and his team thought it was quite normal that an artificial intelligence could drive with eight cameras, based on the fact that a human only has two sensor – the human eye. Elon has always maintained that driving with eight cameras covering a full 360 degrees is more than enough for a car to drive itself. Parking sensors are not needed, because not even humans have them.

While large companies therefore bet on heavy sensors and "radar” vision of the car, Tesla bet on the power of artificial intelligence, which works in the same way as human intelligence and based on the same information. Since Tesla has been doing this for years and its philosophy has been the same since day one, that means Tesla has at least a five-year lead over everyone else in this technology. This is huge, or rather too much, in the field of technology. Or just right that compared to all other manufacturers, it will separate into its own category, just like the iPhone forms this category today.

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Are we looking at the last generation of steering wheel cars?!

So what will happen?

Tesla will be forced to make a cut at some point due to the negative criticism it receives mainly due to the envy and sick jealousy of "mainstream" manufacturers, who are at the same time as an industry the biggest supporters of the media with the biggest advertising pie. The author of this post believes that this will happen on August 8 at the presentation of the self-driving RoboTaxi, which will not be just a presentation of this product, as many expect. Robo Taxi will be completely secondary news. The main move on the chessboard will be the announcement of the activation of the FSD system for a trial period with a minimum monthly subscription - that is, one that will represent a value in which users will simply want to have this function in their car as well. Tesla already made this possible on April 1st, but it seems that it will package the thing in extremely attractive packages, to which the "owners" of Tesla will find it difficult to say no.

We will no longer talk about electric cars - but about smart cars!

In the future, cars will be divided into those that will be able to drive without the intervention of the driver, and those that will not. No offense to the author of this post, but the situation seems to be very similar to what we've had in history at various technological turning points where certain industries have been relegated to the "classic" typewriter versus the laptop. Or, as I wrote at the beginning: iPhone vs. Blackberry.

The story of artificial intelligence and smart cars – these mobility robots – resonates with me on several levels. He bought the Hyundai concern some time ago Boston Dynamics, which just over a week ago presented the Atlas humanoid robot, which will slowly begin to be introduced in the Hyundai and Kia factories. Elon Musk is also developing a humanoid robot named Optimus that pursues exactly the same “concept”. So he will optimize the processes on the already existing production line and just replace people with a more efficient machine. It seems that in the end, as with smartphone technology, only "American" and Korean companies will survive, followed by the success-hungry Chinese. Europe, however, will remain somewhere far in the past because it completely missed this development opportunity.

While they are Tesla models from 2019 in basic equipment, all equipped with the conditions for operation FSD - i.e. 8 cameras. European manufacturers do not have this accessory in their existing fleet, or it is present in rare cars. Let alone that "cars" could be powered by a "computer" capable of running artificial intelligence. As of 2019, Tesla has produced and equipped around 6 million cars with this technology. And he analyzes the data and driving patterns on such a large sample that there has never been anything like it in history. At the same time, it is a "pool" of cars that are potential new revenue generators. The vast majority of them do not have the additional FSD system, although it is technically present in every Tesla.

An ace up his sleeve Elon Musk. As with all intelligent individuals, Elon Musk is mentally two steps ahead of everyone else. So when companies think about how to electrify their fleets, Elon Musk is already a step or two ahead. So, he is absolutely sure that in the future, for safety reasons, the majority of people will not be allowed to drive a car. This is a certain reality for him, and if you start from this position, then the view of the world is completely different. And development priorities are set in place.

The author also fully believes that Tesla will sell or offer the FSD system to other manufacturers, such as Ford. It can even follow a similar business model, as it now offers to its customers, namely at 99 USD per month.

Photo: Tesla

Tesla is the stock with the most promise

In the end, it came down to the iPhone and Samsung. And some Chinese. This is exactly what will happen to the auto industry, which will follow exactly the same steps as technology companies such as Nokia, Ericsson, which were once considered to be the main ones in the industry. Today, however, they are gone and fragmented. They were somehow killed by the iPhone and its technological superiority.

That's also why Tesla stock is essentially half-stop today, because it's the company with the biggest potential for future growth - also because it's not a car company at its core.

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