12 simple Feng Shui rules for prosperity in the home

They bring money and luck

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Consider them, as they bring positive energy, money and luck! The Feng Shui philosophy of arranging space has been practiced for centuries, and in addition to making the home pleasant, comfortable and open, the main goal is positive energy.

The house is our home, an oasis, a place where we relax, nurture our soul and body, and stay in touch with our loved ones - that's why it's important to focus on its energy. The energy that reigns in our home can affect love, work, money, health, the atmosphere in the house...

Here are some Feng Shui rules for well-being and prosperity in your home:

1. Keep the house clean

This is the most important rule to remember. Timely wash the dishes, wipe the dust and leave everything in its place. Otherwise, you can expect health and mood problems. A clean house is always more comfortable, and order in the home brings order to life - and disorder can be the cause of weakened mental health.

2. Clean air is the key to a good mood

Ventilate the room once a day to make you less tired and sleep better. Clean air improves focus, concentration and intuition.


3. Try to have as few thorny plants as possible in the house

If you have too many cacti in your home, it can indicate bad energy. However, one on the window can be a sign that you are protected from negativity from the outside. Limit the number of plants with thorns to have good energy in the home.

4. Remove the TV and computer from the bedroom, it only disturbs your rest and energy during sleep.

There should be no water in the bedroom, except of course the glass of water on the bedside table. In the bedroom, there should be only a bed and a wardrobe with a minimum amount of things. The furniture must be rectangular in shape.

5. There should not be a lot of red things in the bedroom.

Although red is the color of love, overdoing it can lead to arguments and impulsiveness (fire element). The colors of this room should be earthy, calm - white, gray, pale green, brownish.

6. You must not have a mirror in the kitchen

Keep all brooms, cloths and detergents in the bathroom. The kitchen is a place for gathering the family, a place for eating, so the TV should not be there either. Now it is very popular to put the TV in the kitchen, but it is fundamentally wrong. No one and nothing should disturb the harmony of the kitchen.


7. You can place pyramids of the correct shape in the work area and in the living room.

They will concentrate positive energy.

8. There should be nothing superfluous, no furniture in the center of any room.

This applies to the living room, kitchen and bedroom. The center of each space is a space of free circulation of Ki energy.

9. Remove pictures of violence, war, blood from your home

Images should reflect your creative desires. It can be the sea, the forest, the mountains in the bedroom; family portraits in the living room; pictures of money in closets.

10. Rearrange the furniture when you feel you need to change something in your life.

This will help you reorganize, start a new business and plan for the future.


11. The bed should be free and clean, without accumulated things.

Do not place furniture too close to the bed. Sharp corners should not be directed towards the bed.

12. Use scented sticks and candles more often to always have a pleasant atmosphere in the house.

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