Brabus Shadow 900: ʺboatʺ with excess horsepower

Brabus Shadow 900; Photo: brabus.com

The Brabus Shadow 900 is a motorboat that can be driven over 112 km/h, while offering us a wide range of customizations, including a mini bar.

If you own any of the Brabus cars or conversions, it will be a motorboat Brabus Shadow 900 perfect for you. The popular German car manufacturer Brabus and the Finnish boat manufacturer Axopar Boats, have joined forces and created an enviably powerful motorboat that combines experience from the processing of luxury cars and the tradition of boat design.

Brabus is a company that has been more than 40 years works in the restoration of luxury cars and comes from the German city of Bottrop. They are known for producing some of the most powerful and most luxurious examples of Mercedes-Benz cars, and many of them represent real road art. They also undertake the conversion of some other power unit, and most of the time they accompany the whole thing with a wristwatch, which is of course only available in a limited edition.

Brabus Shadow 900; Photo: brabus.com

The Brabus Shadow 900 is powered by two engines Mercury Marine 450R Verado XL. A case of 4.6-liter V8 engine, which together produce enviable ones 900 horsepower. The captain has at his disposal the advanced control system Mercury Joystick Piloting, the so-called digital anchor and the autopilot function. The Shadow 900 can reach speeds of over 60 knots and offers almost unlimited choices in the construction of the vessel. To make the decision easier, there are a few basic levels of boat accessories, but it will only be available 200 units of this enviably powerful motorboat.

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