What will be the influence of the planets in February 2023?

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The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn occurs once every 28 years. Now is the moment when we understand that we need to move forward, change and enter the next phase of our life journey.

A period of favorable changes is beginning, because most planets are no longer in retrograde phase, everything moves directly.

February will be calmer, the biggest changes come in March.

Let's see what the impact of the planets will be on life in February 2023.

1.-28. February

There are no retrograde major planets in February. This creates fantastic forward momentum that we can use to move forward in our dreams and goals. With strong forward momentum, we can take advantage of great opportunities.

February 3

Ceres Retrograde – The energy of this asteroid is very soft and gentle and will not affect this strong forward momentum we are experiencing. Ceres is an asteroid associated with nutrition and nurturing. We may feel like we need to nurture all those parts of ourselves that we've been ignoring. It's time to fix some of your habits and heal old wounds. Asteroid Ceres will go direct again on May 6.


February 5

Full Moon in Leo – brings bright and bold energy! Uranus is currently active, which may cause a need for change or innovation in some area of our lives. Change can come suddenly under this Full Moon, but try to follow it and see what new sparks it can ignite.

A Full Moon is always a wonderful time to work, and this Full Moon is no exception. With all the momentum moving forward, it's a great time to clear up the past and make room for the new that's coming. You can also work with the energy of this Full Moon to bring fresh inspiration into your life and focus on creating joy and contentment.

February 7 and 8

Mercury leaves its shadow period. If there has been something unclear or uncertain in your life since the end of December, greater clarity will come now.

February 15

Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces – a harmonious combination of planetary energies that helps bring sweetness and softness to everything that happens in your life. Use this energy to love deeper, open your heart wider, and express your ideas to the world. Beautiful energy for romance, expanding creativity and working on yourself.


February 16

Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius – this is a special conjunction of Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius for the next 28.5 years. Saturn in Aquarius has taught us lessons on a collective and personal level, and now its work is coming to an end. Use this energy to make sure you take charge of the life you really want.

February 18

Sun in Pisces – the sun leaves the sign of Aquarius and moves into the last sign of Pisces! Pisces is a water sign and brings a sense of completeness and wholeness. The energy of fish, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, is related to the principle of yin and yang. Both energies exist independently, but one cannot exist without the other.

Pisces also swim in circles, suggesting that although they swim in different directions and view the world from different perspectives, they both arrive at the same destination. Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it's a good time to reflect on the past year and how everything that happened led you to the next chapter of your evolution.

February 19

New Moon in Pisces – brings the energy of fresh beginnings. This is the third New Moon we've had at the 1st degree of a particular zodiac sign, which indicates a strong theme of new beginnings. Pisces is a very creative energy, so use this New Moon to create and visualize what you would like to attract into your life.


This is a good time to turn what you wish and imagine into reality. Since Pisces is a water sign, we don't want to get stuck in a place of attachment; instead, we want to affirm what we want, but then remain open to flow and harmony.

21.-24. February

The Sun conjunct the star Fomalhaut - which is one of the four royal stars. Each royal star is said to be the guardian of the stargate of our galaxy. Fomalhaut is the gatekeeper of the southern sky and represents transformation. Transformation is a very creative energy, so this is an extremely creative time where we can open the door to the new.

Fomalhaut can also activate our gifts and guide us to strengthen our connection with ourselves and others. Work with this energy to express your creative side, knowing that every mistake can be corrected and that every day is an opportunity to become a better person.

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