This attracts men to women like a magnet!

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Women often wonder what it is that attracts a man. But when it comes to attraction of the opposite sex, all rational explanations cease to apply and things tend to get complicated.

One thing is certain and that is that attraction is mostly related to the chemistry that is created between a man and a woman.

And as different as the flavors are, there are still some common points. Whether it's her sexy voice or femme fatale and the like, we'll discover through the record what it is about women that attracts men like a magnet.

Voice and way of speaking

As a rule, men prefer softer voices, as they radiate femininity, attractiveness. They don't like squeaky voices or those that are too deep and harsh.


Another study also found that men prefer a way of speaking that is similar to their own in terms of pronunciation and intonation. They also reveal that they like it when a woman listens to them, when they speak, when she follows them in sentences, when she gives them meaningful answers.

They also cannot stand arguments, because then all attraction is lost and negative emotions come to the fore.


Men generally like their partners to be a bit shorter than them. However, very tall men tend to choose significantly shorter partners, while shorter men tend to choose women of similar height, and some are excited that their partner is taller than them.

Men say that the first impression a woman makes is very important.


We often see couples where the men are older than the women. Of course, there are also successful cases where the women are the seniors in the relationship. Scientists have proven that men in their twenties and thirties prefer women between 24 and 26!


Eye color

Norwegian scientists are, for example, found that blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women. On the other hand, men with green or brown eyes do not like blue-eyed girls.

Natural beauty

A 2014 study claims that men prefer women who look natural. The most interesting fact is that women always think that men like heavy make-up and therefore wear it. The male part of the population admits that they cannot tolerate long, artificial nails, a tan obtained in a solarium, or inserted eyelashes.


Natural beauty is more attractive than ever! Less is more, don't hide imperfections, but emphasize what is most beautiful about you.


Although the eye colors of the stronger sex vary, things change when it comes to curves. Everything is quite clear here. Men simply love curvaceous women. Whether it's perky breasts or butt, curves are a very strong magnet for men!

Hair colour

Scientists from France conducted a study in which they examined which women receive more invitations to dance in clubs - blondes, brunettes or redheads.


The conclusion is that men most often invite blondes to the dance. In second place are brunettes, and in third are redheads, who men find the least attractive. When it comes to serious relationships, research shows that men would choose a brunette because it exudes moderation and style. Of course, women will continue to experiment with different colors and the trick is to make yourself feel desirable and beautiful to attract the man you like!

Leg length

It has long been known that men prefer women with long legs. Even for those who are not tall, it is important that the legs are visually longer in relation to the upper part of the body.

Of course, we don't want to say that appearance is the only thing that interests men. There is something called inner beauty, and it is no cliché to say that every woman has her own personal beauty. When a woman is happy with herself, it is impossible not to notice her beauty!

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