Your date of birth determines what health problems you may have in your life

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What can your health be according to the numerological aspect. What do your birth date numbers say about you?

Date of birth according to numerology can reveal a lot of details about your health.

To find out if there is an aspect that is spoiling your vitality and health, you need to add up all the numbers from your date of birth and reduce them to a single digit. The resulting number indicates what needs to be paid more attention to and thus avoid potential health problems.

For example, if you were born on September 17, 1978, your calculation would be 1+7+9+1+9+7+8=42=4+2=6, so your number is six.

Each number has an individual meaning.

Number 1

If your number is 1, it means that the energy of the Sun is emphasized in your date of birth. People with this number should pay attention to dynamics and movement, because high energy consumption, little sleep and a lot of stress can cause a lot of problems with circulation, high blood pressure and the heart. The recommendation is more rest, an adequate diet based on yellow fruits and vegetables. White sugar is recommended to be abandoned.

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Number 2

If your number is 2, it means that you emphasized the energy of the Moon in your date of birth. People with an emphasized number 2 have bowel problems, cramps, poor sleep and poor digestion. Since the number 2 is related to emotions, stress should be avoided as it can lead to many health complications. People with the number 2 are recommended to take magnesium and other vitamins.

Number 3

If your number is 3, it means that you have an accentuated Mars energy that triggers frequent conflicts. Meditation, yoga, healthy sleep and diet can all help with energy regulation. People with the number 3 should eat mainly red fruits, but also various spices to achieve balance.

Number 4

If your number is 4, it means that you have an emphasized Mercury energy. This number brings a changeable mood and can greatly affect the relationship with the environment, as well as with loved ones. Considering that these are very sensitive people, it is desirable that they use psychotherapy at certain time intervals, which will strengthen them and contribute to the acceptance of better and positive life attitudes. Cereals are very important in the daily diet of people with the number 4.

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Number 5

If your number is 5, it means that you have an emphasized Jupiter energy. The biggest enemy of these people's health is frequent fatigue, a fast rhythm of life without rest, and headaches. Getting regular sleep will reduce tension and nervousness. People with an accented number 5 in their date of birth should eat purple colored foods. A balanced life and good sleep are crucial for these people, as it regenerates them in a certain way and restores their vitality.

Number 6

If your number is 6, it means that you have an accentuated Venus energy. This triggers possible lung problems and increased sensitivity. People with the number 6 should spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and avoid cigarettes. Replace sweets with fresh fruit, especially blueberries and figs. Staying in dark and smoky rooms can have a devastating effect on people with the number 6.

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Number 7

If your number is 7, it means that you have Saturn energy emphasized. The problem with nervous tension, nerves and skin is highlighted here. People with the number 7 should take more care of their skin and avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Mushrooms should be included in the diet, meat intake should be reduced to a minimum. Saturn is associated with specific aromas and herbs that have a sharp taste. It is also better to use green apples, lemons or pears.

Number 8

If your number is 8, it means that you have emphasized Uranus energy, which can bring a lot of problems with the gallbladder and liver. For women, this number is associated with the area of the genitals and reproductive system. Here there is a tendency to a depressed mood. Rest and a balanced daily rhythm are key. For people with this number, it is recommended to consume as much green vegetables, black tea and fish meat as possible.
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Number 9

If your number is 9, it means that you have an emphasized energy of Neptune, which speaks of a tendency to allergies, reduced immunity, elevated body temperature, as well as various rashes that appear from time to time. People with the number 9 should not eat heavy and fatty foods, but should focus on foods without excess fat. Seafood, olive oil, fish dishes, lemons and exotic fruits should be included in the diet. Given that this number is related to sensitivity, a balanced life without great stress and emotional turmoil is very important here.

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