Top 10 Romantic Movies

The fact that Valentine's Day is long behind us does not mean that we cannot dream, think and experience love every day. Even in the form of watching the most romantic films in film history. Our selection of the top ten is perfect for an evening of relaxation. PS: We've probably all seen the movie The Notebook, haven't we?

1. 10 Things I Hate About You - 10 reasons why I hate you

Shakespeare's Stubborn in the modern version inspired many in the 90s. The film, in which the actors who were still newly minted at the time, were legendary Heath Ledger, talented Julia Stiles and more and more amazing Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

2. Sleepless in Seattle – Romance in Seattle

A film that elevates the myth of soul mates to the heavens and beyond, yet remains honest, endearing and extremely romantic. Ideal for days when we want to get far, far away from reality.

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

A masterfully depicted and playful narrative that plays with the unusual idea of erasing the memory of ex-lovers. Director Michel Gondry definitely used his magic and created a phenomenal movie about the love between two special people from an interesting idea.

4. Clueless - You have no idea

You Have No Idea is definitely one of the best high school romantic comedies out there. Few would think that it is actually a modern version of the cult Emma writers Jane Austen.

5. Jerry Maguire

A film about an up-and-coming hero who experiences an important turning point in his life. In a course of events that escapes all control, he is saved by an unusual relationship with a woman who stood by him when everyone else left him completely in the lurch.

6. Silver Linings Playbook - After the rain, the sun shines

As the title already tells us, it is a story about silver linings, about the fact that the sun always shines after the rain. For a love story between two unconventional people who find love on their own terms.

7. There's Something About Mary - Crazy about Mary

Who does not remember the witty tale of the wonderful Mary, which has no shortage of suitors? In any case, an extremely entertaining film that puts a smile on our faces with its unusual plots.

8. Groundhog Day – Endless day

A comic fantasy drama about a protagonist who, during a trip back in time, realizes that life is only worth living in the actual moment. Even when it comes to love, of course.

9. Notting Hill

Cult romantic comedy, which also serves up a phenomenal soundtrack, to which we just have to sing a little. A fun and romantic story about a beautiful American actress and a "tight" British man, who are brought together by fate in a very special way.

10. Her – She

She is a film that talks about possible love in the future, as it plays with the possibility of communication and actual love between a real person and an operating system. A film that is beautiful precisely because of the romantic sadness we feel while following the story of an extremely lonely individual.

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