10 personality traits that prove you have the rarest and most beautiful personality type!

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness." - Martin Luther King

The psychological approach stems from two different philosophies. One comes from the early 20th century and is a work Carl Gustav Jung, the father of analytical psychology. His theory of psychological types is probably the most influential invention in personality typology and has inspired many other theories.

Of all the personality types, personality stands out the most DIPLOMATES, which is very rare, as it represents only one percent of the population, but its representatives leave their mark on the world. They have an innate sense of idealism and morality, but differ from other idealistic personality types in the way they make decisions. Diplomats are not lazy dreamers, but people who are able to take concrete steps to realize their goals and make lasting positive impressions.

If you have 6 or more of the listed characteristics, you belong to this group:

1. People who are focused on things that have a higher meaning and do not waste energy on every little thing. They recover quickly from defeat.

2. People who are willing to work hard for their dreams, knowing that there are no shortcuts to success. They will not sit and wander aimlessly.

3. People who listen to their intuition take action in every situation and if something doesn't seem right. Because of this, the universe often rewards them.

4. People who do not believe that they need a wide circle of people for their happiness. They are content with a few friends who are close to them and cherish them.

5. They are empaths who truly understand the pain of others because they feel their emotions.

These are people who are content with a few friends who are close to them and cherish them.
These are people who are content with a few friends who are close to them and cherish them.

6. As empaths, they understand what is going on in other people's minds. They recognize lies, pretense, honesty.

7. People who can imagine and visualize a world that is different from the real one. These are people who think outside the box and are not afraid to follow inspiration, inspirations and ideas.

8. They are strong role models and inspire others.

9. People who believe in the power of the written word. They write about their emotions, they are writers who inspire others. They are artists who paint and thereby cleanse their souls.

10. People who are not derailed by problems and unpleasant situations, but are looking for effective solutions.

Their drawback is that sometimes they forget to take care of themselves too. Due to constant challenges, they sometimes face exhaustion, illness and stress.

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