10+ signs of a woman's body language that will let you know she likes you for sure

Girls are extremely simple creatures when hormones kick in and their bodies unknowingly start that strange dance. Let's look at 10 extremely simple signs of female body language that show that a girl has noticed you.

At the so-called mating dance is through evolution developed set of characters, which we unconsciously communicate to the opposite sex. In this, women are particularly transparent, and a skilled man will immediately notice the clear signs.


These are just a few of those obvious signs with which he speaks clearly to you. I want to be yours.

10+ signs of a woman's body language that will let you know if she likes you!

  1.  It is being made to be taller and at the same time standing more correctly. Of course, the tummy also moves a little inside.
  2.  Her legs are facing you when sitting.
  3.  Also, her body tilts and turns in your direction.
  4. If you imperceptibly touch her with a gesture, she will notice it.
  5. You notice the blush on her face.
  6. Her pupils are wide.
  7. It unwittingly copies your movements.
  8. He doesn't look away and looks you in the eye.
  9. He often bows his head and puts it aside.
  10. She is fixing her hair.
  11. She is visibly nervous or shy
  12. As long as he has an object in his hands, he works with it gently.

Another great video with which you can also help yourself in identifying serious signs of your liking!

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