10 things you shouldn't throw down the toilet: you'll clog it and cause a flood

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What do you throw down the toilet without knowing it's not good? Let's see which 10 things should never be thrown in the toilet bowl - at least 5 of them are thrown there regularly by all of us!

Have you ever wondered what can't we throw in the toilet bowl? Despite the fact that it seems logical to throw only toilet paper in it, the truth is that many people also throw things there that should be thrown elsewhere.

Few people deal with issues of proper use toilet bowls, until a problem appears. Despite the fact that it seems that it should be clear what can be thrown into it, many people still throw away things that do not belong there.

Photo: envato

What things should not be flushed down the toilet?

It's in front of you a list of ten things, which do not belong there, as they can cause unpleasant problems in your home.

Paper tissues and serviettes

Although they are similar to toilet paper, paper tissues and napkins do not break down as quickly, which can lead to clogged pipes.

Throw the cotton ball in the trash. Photo: Jonathan Borba / Pexels

Cat litter

Despite the claims on the packaging, cat litter should not end up in the toilet bowl, as it does not dissolve and can cause blockages in the pipes.


Although they seem like a convenient solution, tampons should not end up in the toilet, as they do not break down in water and can clog pipes.


Throw diaper scraps in the trash, not down the toilet, as they can build up and cause clogs.

Used condoms

Materials in condoms they are harmful to drains, so don't flush them down the toilet.

Cotton products

Cotton wool, ear buds, etc. should not be flushed away, as they do not dissolve in the water, but instead form a lump that can clog the drain.

Dental floss does not belong in the sink or down the sink drain. Photo: Jonathan Borba / Pexels

Dental floss

The thin plastic material does not melt in water and can cause problems in pipes.


It is better to dispose of leftover food in the garbage, as it can clog pipes together with grease.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum does not dissolve in water, but forms a sticky mass that can clog pipes.


Dispose of hair in the trash, not down the toilet, as it can accumulate and cause blockages.

Photo: envato

Adherence to the above rules is the key to the smooth drainage of water, the fluidity of your plumbing infrastructure and the prevention of unnecessary repair costs. Think before you flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet and contribute to the sustainability of your home.

Your decision can make a big difference!

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