Steve Jobs' 11 rules that made Apple so successful

Us mere mortals like to ask for the recipes of the most successful or richest (maybe both) people. In the meantime, let's buy a lottery ticket. In 2004, when Apple was not as strong a brand as it is today, Steve Jobs imagined the rules that he followed on the way to success. He apparently put them together with then-Vice President John Brandon, as they called them “JB's Rules for Success”. Let's look at them.

What were they like? the rules of Steve Jobs, which made Apple so successful?

  • Leave the past behind. Make the most of the future.
  • He always speaks the truth. We want to hear bad news as soon as possible.
  • We expect the highest level of integrity. If in doubt, ask!
  • Learn to be a good businessman, not just a good salesman.
  • We all sweep the floor.
  • Be professional in your speeches, style and consistency.
  • Listen to the customer, because they almost always understand.
  • Build it win-win relations with our partners.
  • Watch out for each other. Information sharing is extremely welcome.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Have fun, if not, it's not worth it.

When I was hired by Apple in 2004, these "rules for success" were attached to the back of my employee badge. Words to live by.

Some rules are obviously practical, others a little more life-like in nature. Well, if you are at the head of a company or some other organization, maybe these rules will inspire you. You can also add your own.

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