12 powerful life lessons from an 80-year-old that will make you think

12 real life lessons from an 80-year-old that will make you think

Despite statistics showing that the population is aging, we often hear younger generations grumbling that they are not sure they will ever live to old age. With this 80-year-old's advice, you just might be able to do it, because life isn't as complicated as it might seem.

Byron Wien, vice president of the group Private Wealth Solutions Group, will teach you which 12 real life lessons you must master, if you want to improve yours life. His wisdom will give you to think.

1. Focus on finding ideas that will make an impact on the people you want to influence. Once you make an impact, people will always identify you with that particular thing. If you want to be successful and live a long life, challenge yourself.

2. You're constantly connecting - luck plays a role, but you'll increase it by meeting as many people as possible.

3. When you meet new people, treat them as if they were your friends. People are always waiting for the other person to show their worth. You will probably be disappointed at some point, but this is the only way your network of acquaintances will expand.

4. Read all the time. Don't just read because you are interested in something, but analyze your thoughts - before you start reading, you probably have an opinion about a certain thing, and after you read the book, compare your thoughts with what you read. That way you will understand things.

Don't try to be better than your competition, be different.
Don't try to be better than your competition, be different.

5. Get enough sleep.

6. Evolve ‒ think about your life if you want to avoid burnout.

7. Travel - try to visit as many places as possible to connect with local people to stay in touch with.

8. When you meet new people, try to find out what experiences they had before they turned 17. What happened during this time affects everything that happens later in your life.

Read all the time.
Read all the time.

9. At the beginning of the new year, think about what you can do to do your job better. Write down all the ideas on a piece of paper and review them at the end of the year, because that's the only way you'll know how much progress you've made over the course of the year.

10. Don't try to be better than your competition, be different. You will always meet someone who is smarter than you, but they may not have the rich imagination that you do.

11. There is a perfect job for everyone. Eternal people will never find her. Search. The goal of life is to be happy, and the right job is key to achieving that goal.

12. Do something new every year that you haven't done before. Make it something that is out of your comfort zone. In this way you will get to know yourself.

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