October 13 – No Bra Day

Women's breasts are fantastic… and guys would have no hesitation in agreeing. Today is the day when girls can free their breasts from all shackles for 24 hours.

We women are magnificent creatures and we have no intention of hiding our wealth today. It's time for the world to see what we are blessed with. Whether our breasts are petite or large, full, bouncy, delicate, shiny and smooth, soft, pink, round, silky, naughty or lovely, today, above all, let them be free from all shackles!
Gentlemen, you too can participate. Your job is to support the ladies with something purple – a tie, boxers, socks or a T-shirt. Your support means a lot to us.
If you can't avoid wearing a bra today, mark Bra No Day with purple color.
Ps: Dear ladies, today white shirts are not only acceptable, but mandatory!

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