14 ways to make your apartment bigger

Furniture holds the key to enhancing your home

Would you like your apartment to appear larger, more spacious? Living in a small apartment doesn't have to be a chore, as you can make it a lot bigger with smart layout and a few tricks. Optically, of course, because the square meters will not go anywhere, but you will therefore greatly increase the level of living comfort by making maximum use of the room. And who has a magic wand that turns your small house into a big one? The arrangement of furniture and the play of colors.

If you do not live in a large apartment, then you know very well that every square meter counts. So it's good to know how make the most of the space, which you have available. You don't need to physically expand your nest for a more comfortable stay, you can only increase it optically or make it smaller with the right arrangement of furniture allow it to breathe. And how do we do that?

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We searched 14 easy ways to make your apartment bigger without tearing down walls and extensions. You just need a little ingenuity and an extra pair of hands to avoid hurting your back when moving heavier pieces of furniture.

"Enlarge" the apartment with the following tricks.
"Enlarge" the apartment with the following tricks.

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