#181 City Magazine - In the children's kingdom

Do you still remember your first room, your first world, which was all yours, and entry was allowed only to those who were invited and those who knew how to knock and ask: "May I enter?"

My first roombut it was in a black and white combination and I still have it, otherwise it is more or less lonely, I only wipe the dust here and there, when I the road drifts home. There are countless stories and secrets that remain between us behind closed doors, she shared everything with me, all twenty years of dreams, joy, anger, sadness, tears, the sounds of her favorite band, letters and words of compulsory reading at home, indignation at solving fractions and satisfaction while successfully deciphering the equations, of course she also experienced some physical phenomenon, but also testing kinetic energy and gravitational forces. We couldn't do without plastered walls, lined drawers and dog hair. Such is life, the day begins in your room, more precisely in your bed, when the first rays of the sun caress you right where you feel the best and are the safest.

#181 City Magazine - In the children's kingdom by City Magazine

And it really does I want today, as I write this editorial, to go back there and wrap up in my new astronaut bedding (note p. you can also find it in this edition of City Magazine on page 9 or at www.snurkbedding.com.

You will say, wouldn't you rather be hidden and dressed as a princess... ? No, because I'm more attracted to outer space than pink nail polishes and bubbly dresses. Ah, I admit it was mine too the closet used to be a dollhouse, as long as they still had them long hair and my hairdressing (in)abilities did not come to the fore. Then it all got boring, and I was too old to get another artificial beauty like this for my birthday. The doll's house project thus completely failed, and a warehouse of board games, tennis rackets, punched balls, teddy bears and CDs was created. And how does it look today?

The drawers are already difficult to open, the cupboards are full of notebooks and books, souvenirs, yellowed photos and dried felt-tip pens. Classic, beautiful, functional and still mine. Maybe I'll conjure up a new image for her very soon, because nowadays there are a lot of websites that offer one or another ideas on how to furnish a children's room. I used to even cut out clippings from various magazines of what my ideal room should look like, but now there is a huge amount available virtual interior designers or applications that help you build everything you want in the digital world. Countless designer online portals and magazines expand your imagination and fill your head with ideas that sometimes never occurred to you even in your dreams, let alone in broad daylight. Various new materials offer the possibility of limitless shapes, comfort and visual cuteness, so that children's rooms can become a real little theme park, from pirate ships, a world of insects and dinosaurs, an underwater paradise, a Formula 1 race track, to a world of zombies or a princess castle, a fairy forest or even the universe. It used to be fitting out rooms are a matter of improvisatione and imagination, now it's a matter of current inspiration and the choice of how to brighten up the children's world.

So it is today child less creative evolving and more resourceful in the pursuit of that true goal? Not at all, in the flood of information and material goods, it is probably necessary to develop even more that vein that dictates the formation of your own "self", after all, the little lady will quickly bring a skateboard into the pink room, dirty flip flops and drew a rocket on the wall, which she will later paint black and add another star that shines at night. Don't get angry, it's just her world, her children's world._

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