20 bizarre and unfortunate packaging and labels on product packaging

When designing product packaging, it is a good idea to adopt the well-known carpentry rule: "Measure twice, cut once", so that the manufacturer avoids the awkwardness that you will witness below. Why? Because the packaging of a product, especially a product of everyday use, has an impact on how customers accept the brand's product and, based on it, decide to buy it. We know examples of good practice, so let's look at how not to do it.

Of course you are buyer it does not only create the image of the brand through packaging, but at the point of sale it plays the role of creation first impression and we all know how hard it is to wash away a stain on a buyer's mind.

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The packaging is second ad and a silent seller, so it is crucial that the designers tailor it in such a way that it will be "right" for the customers. But he is not the only one behind the design marketing strategy, but also psychology, which likes to disguise advertising tricks in its products, but in the following cases we will not identify or us they mislead or not, but where he had it designer the head.

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