28. Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) 2019: we are all media!

28. Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) 2019: we are all media!

The media world has changed a lot – the passive follower 'from the street' has turned into an active content creator who has become, so to speak, a competition to traditional media. And how much space can we devote to it? How loud can he speak? How do its contents affect public opinion? You will get answers to your questions at the 28th Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF), which will draw the line between social and traditional media in the context of lectures by Slovenian and foreign speakers. The best advertising works will also be awarded, and the participants will exchange knowledge and experience and meet colleagues from the advertising world for the first time or again.

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Hotel Kempinski, Portorož
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Democratization of the media in coexistence with technologies and online is ordinary turned the citizen into a medium – he started creating contents, divide them into social networks and to a certain extent influence the formation of public opinion. On social channels that's how everyone has become and can always become the author, a writer, photographer, filmmaker, …

The likes they are new currency, posts may affect business companies, comments under posts generate interest journalists, hashtags but you can people they even connect in motion.

And because of this 'media noise' will be on 28. Slovenian Advertising Festival dealt with questions of how citizens can speak loudly through their own blogs and social networks. Namely, sometimes we waved at the mention of them by hand, but today they create public opinion and even affect election results.

You can get answers to all your questions at 28th Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF). You will also be able to follow the award ceremony award for the best advertising works, you will exchange knowledge and experience, and for the first time or again meet with colleagues from advertising Holy. Cards you can buy at their website.

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