30 rules for building self-esteem

The golden rule for a happy life says: "Love and respect yourself first, if you want others to love you back."

It's not easy to learn self-respect, but once you learn to respect yourself, you start doing a lot of things COMPLETELY differently. And sometimes the people around you just don't get it.

Let's see what values and goals you strive for.

1. Don't accept apologies if they aren't followed by action.

2. Put yourself first. You are your priority. Your well-being means more to you than other people's opinions.

3. Don't play the peacemaker. You are not someone who finds themselves in other people's wars and who has to defuse every situation. Become someone who can stay calm while other people are doing stupid things.

4. Don't nod while other people complain about their lives. Don't engage in conversations that are largely negative or gossip about someone else.

5. Don't go out of your way to prove yourself to people you actually owe nothing, not even an explanation.

6. Don't apologize for your actions. Don't explain why you're in a relationship with someone or why you left your job. You don't need the approval of others for your life decisions.

7. Don't reply to messages right away. You are not rude, you just do not want to depend on devices, you prefer to enjoy your thoughts and life.

8. Don't feel the need to apologize or make excuses for everything.

9. Alert people when they are telling lies or making false assumptions about you and your life.

10. You don't owe anyone anything, and you're not someone who conforms to other people's expectations. Now you are living up to your expectations.

11. People are changing. You don't owe your younger self anything. There's nothing wrong with not chasing dreams you've outgrown.

12. Don't comment on things online because the world's problems can't be solved in the comment section.

13. Set boundaries for yourself and know what you will and will not accept in life.

14. Don't deal with people you don't like. You don't owe anyone your energy.

15. Start setting boundaries, know what you want and what you don't.

16. Control yourself well, forgive yourself.

17. Don't worry about what other people think, whether your lifestyle or decision is right or not.

18. Allow yourself to be happy.

19. Be creative and don't worry about how others react to it.

20. Say "no" when you mean it.

21. Stop looking into the hearts and minds of other people to find your happiness there.

22. Speak your mind regardless of what others think. Self-respect is the awareness and choice not to live by the opinions of others.

23. Stand up for your beliefs, stop comparing yourself to everyone else and live according to your values.

24. Don't try to convince the people around you that they should like you.

25. Treat yourself with respect and believe in yourself.

26. Take responsibility for your life. Stop sitting on the sidelines and waiting for someone else to give you an opportunity.

27. Don't give priority to people for whom you are only one option.

28. Don't play the victim.

29. Do not use bad habits, laziness and unwillingness, but grow personally.

30. See life through your own eyes and not through the eyes of others.

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