4 extremely harmful things that happen to a woman if she is not intimate for a long time

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Are you interested in how a woman's body reacts if she is not intimate for a long time? These things will completely surprise you because they explain a lot and answer certain questions.

These are the unwanted effects of sexual abstinence on the female body.

1. The desire for sex slowly disappears

In the case of the sexual drive, there is often an unwritten rule that if you don't use it, you can lose it or fades away over time. Thus, people who abstain from sex over time no longer perceive this need.


2. The vaginal walls relax

This problem mainly affects women who are entering menopause. If older women do not have periods sexual relations, the walls of the vagina relax and if they decide to have sex again, it can be very painful and often causes women to no longer like or avoid sex precisely because of the pain.

3. Humidification is reduced

Another side effect that mainly affects older women is the problem of vaginal moistening after prolonged abstinence. Together with the reduction of moistening, there is also the problem of thinning of the vaginal walls, which are the result of a lack of the hormone estrogen. Young women, old 20 or 30 years, usually have enough estrogen to keep these tissues healthy, elastic and moist during abstinence. In women, for example, from the age of 60, when estrogen disappears, abstinence can be very harmful.


4. Menstruation is more painful

In absence sexual relations in women menstrual pain may worsen. The uterus is a muscle, and many women actually experience uterine contractions during orgasm, which causes a faster ejaculation. Cramps are reduced and menstrual blood comes out of the body more easily. There can also be an increase in endorphin levels, which also helps with menstrual cramps - explains Dr. Robert Schneider.

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