5 seduction techniques used by seduction masters

Some women are born masters of seduction. Still others, you can learn it completely easily! See what psychologist Monica Moore told us.

Psychologist Monica Moore says it is non-verbal communication is decisive in flirting, mainly because it is much easier to use it to indicate that a woman approves or disapproves of a certain thing... than to use mere words.
If a woman is in a room where she discovers a man she likes, she can start flirting with him with her eyes. So if she is the one who started the conquest, she shows it by such an act self-confidence, which men still like.

V studies Moore found that there are some things that every man they bounce, namely yawning, frowning face, ridicule, avoiding gaze, staring, brushing nails or teeth, crossing arms, withdrawal, unusual head movement …. And what is it that attracts every man?

This is how women flirt that almost every man likes...
This is how women flirt that almost every man likes...

This is how women who are masters of seduction flirt...

1. take the right position 

If you have taken the first step, it is important that you also watch your posture. Women are supposedly confused when a man flirts with them by approaching them from the side, while men find it intimidating when a woman talks to them head-on. That means it's likely the most appropriate position is sitting.

2. You take matters into your own hands and are very direct

Women who are direct were more active in conquering men, telling them that they were interested in them and asking for contact. And they were more successful than the women who stayed away.

3. You leave your company and flirt with him yourself

There's nothing wrong with a friend helping you flirt, but you don't need it - it is supposedly much more difficult for a man to distinguish at that time whether it is a revival of conversation or flirting. If you talk to him alone, your signs are clearer and he will know that you are interested in him.

You maintain eye contact.
You maintain eye contact.

4. You look deep into his eyes! … and you maintain that contact 

Eye contact is extremely important in flirting, because this is how you show the person that you are interested and you gradually hate the intimate connection. You are probably familiar with the feeling of tickling in your stomach or laughing unnecessarily when looking into your eyes for a long time. This effect actually helps with flirting because pique his interest. Allegedly, people who stare into the eyes for a long time develop passionate feelings.

5. If you go hunting... men will be an easy target if you wear this color

As we have written several times, the color of clothes determines how people perceive you - it can also affect the result of flirting, namely it can arouse interest in a man. When it comes to flirting, red is said to be desirable because it symbolizes power and self-confidence.

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