6 gestures a man will make when he thinks you're right for him

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The world of dating can be complicated, and it happens all too quickly that we start to wonder if our partner has the same feelings for us as we do for him - or if he sees us as part of his future, or just as someone he likes to spend time with moments.

That is why we have prepared for you a list of 6 gestures that a man will make when he thinks you are right for him.

1. He wants an exclusive relationship

Views on when it's time to agree not to be with the chosen one seeing other people, are different. Some choose to do so very quick, while others first want to see each other for a certain period of time without obligation. Of course, there is no wrong way, but it is considered that it is by no means a good sign if you are getting the feeling that your partner is dating a serious relationship with you fights.
When a man will perceive you as a partner he would like to be with survive the future, he will by no means feel the need to date other women. Also conversations it won't be about what your relationship is like avoided, but he will let you know that he wants to exclusive relationship.

You will always be enough for the man who loves you Photo: Vanessa Garcia / Pexels

2. Introduce you to friends and family

When a man will want your relationship upgrade, will suggest that you meet the people who mean the most to him, i.e. his own friends and family. He'll show you he's into you proud and that he wants to be with his closest ones you understand well. Of course, there are criteria for when this happens more: they depend on whether the partner has ever been his girlfriend presented to the natives, how far away they live in what relationship is with them… but it's definitely not a good sign if they're already dating months, and you know practically nothing about his family.

3. He accepted you for who you are

On the beginning of acquaintance it's completely normal to want to introduce yourself to your partner the best possible light and that we do not share the most with him painful parts of his life. But when the relationship gets serious, things change a bit they change: that's when we start talking to our partner to open and show him those sides that he usually shows in front of the world we hide. When we are in need, we don't we're pretending, that everything is fine and when we are nervous or under stress, we are not ashamed to look for it support.
If you feel with your partner safe, heard and accepted, this is a sign that he also likes your relationship takes seriously and that he loves you exactly such, as you are.

The right one will love you exactly as you are Photo: Katerina Holmes / Pexels

4. He doesn't pretend in front of you either

In a serious relationship, your partner will not be in front of you either pretended. He won't be uncomfortable show your emotions and will not feel the need to be perceived in perfect lights. It will be enough for you trusted, that he will tell you when he can difficult and in you he will search support and peace– qualities that are considered fundamental in healthy relationships.

5. He will be willing to work hard for your happiness

When you are in a relationship with a man who will be true to you appreciated, you will get the feeling that he doesn't care too hard. You won't feel like you have to fight for his attention and love make an effort and by his actions he will clearly show you that he wants you to be in life as easy as possible. He will suggest you to after errands fix for you arranged dates, in which you will really enjoy and be all the time attentive on how you feel.
Remember: of course, he deserves such behavior gratitude, but there has to be something in a healthy and serious relationship normal. If your partner shows you yes effort is not ready to invest in the relationship, then it's time to think about the future of your relationship.

A man who perceives you as a serious partner will not find it difficult to make an effort Photo: Katerina Holmes / Pexels

6. They talk about the future together

Observe how your partner reacts when the subject is brought up goals and plans for the future. Or a conversation redirect to something completely different, he describes your wishes, which do not touch you at all, or give you the feeling that you will remain important part of his life? If it's the latter, you can keep calm: joint plans for the future indicate that a man has with you serious intentions and that he doesn't want you to part ways.

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