7 advantages of living in a small apartment

Prednosti življenja v majhnem stanovanju
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If you're thinking about downsizing, here are the benefits of living in a small apartment that will make you fall in love with a small space, in addition to keeping costs down.

Given the high real estate prices, many people live in or want to move to smaller apartments and make the most of them. That's why we present 7 below the advantages of living in a small apartment and fitting tips.

Get ready for warm, comfortable and stylish comfort where everything is at your fingertips!

The advantages of living in a small apartment

1. Small apartments are tidied faster

Living in small spaces has advantages when it comes to comfort. When you don't have extra space, it's much easier to focus on making your environment perfect for you. Small, inexpensive decorations such as candles and decorative pillows will have a greater impact on the overall atmosphere than in a larger room, making it much easier to create a cozy atmosphere. It is also much easier to change the decoration or layout.


2. Small apartments are more organized

When you live in a small space, there is much less room for extra little things that can accumulate even when you don't need, like or use them.
Things that are no longer useful to you stand out more, making them easier to clean and organize. You will keep only what you really like or need, so the space will be more organized. You will also find things more easily and lose them less.

3. Small apartments are cheaper to furnish

It takes huge sums of money to make a large space look warm, cozy and inviting. On the other hand, small apartments make furnishing (and remodeling) much simpler and more affordable. Instead of several pieces of large, expensive furniture, you only need a few to emphasize your style, and you'll have enough money left over for little things like candles and flowers.


4. Stress-free minimalism

More and more people prefer it Scandinavian minimalism in the desire for a simpler life and less stress.
One of the advantages of living in a small apartment is that it is easier to adopt this style. In fact, minimalism is almost a must if you live in a small space like a studio apartment, and you can drown it out with French interior design details – gold mirrors, magazines and books on the parquet floor, and colorful flowers.

5. They are easier to clean

This is definitely one of the favorite benefits of living in a small space. The bigger the space, the more time it takes to prepare and deep clean, and the more challenging it is to maintain it. Therefore, smaller spaces are ideal for those who find peace and quiet when surrounded by order and cleanliness, and do not want to invest a lot of time and energy in said activities.


6. They are more sustainable – ecologically and financially

It's no secret that heating and electricity costs can be very damaging to both our wallet and the environment. Living in smaller spaces means a noticeable reduction in monthly costs, as well as a favorable impact of your home on planet Earth.

7. They are easier to personalize

You probably want your apartment to reflect your character and style. Small rooms, with a limited area, make this much easier - just a few authentic pieces will be enough to give the whole apartment a new spirit.

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