7 Buddhist wisdoms that will change your life before this year is over!

"Be the change you want to make in the world." – Gandhi

Buddhist philosophy is based on the idea of how to reduce human suffering and how to remain centered and present in each moment.

Let's look at 7 of her words of wisdom.

Live with compassion

Compassion is not just about helping others or feeling fulfilled. It's simply a way of life. It's something you take for granted that you do. When you try to understand what is happening around you, it changes your life. Live by treating everyone you meet as you would treat yourself.

Connect with other people

Nurture those bonds. Buddhists have communities of monks called Sanghas, where monks, nuns, and lay people work together for a common goal: peace, not just for themselves, but for all beings. We can learn a lot from this principle!

Be compassionate. Show that you care about the people around you.
Be compassionate. Show that you care about the people around you.

Wake up

Strive to live fully awake, fully in every moment of life and for and to him. Overcome your biggest personal problems and obstacles, find a wonderful sense of peace and joy. See the greatest lessons life can teach you if you live it this way.

Change yourself

"If you want to see change in the world, you have to be that change." – Gandhi. Accept your feelings and your actions, and the world around you will change. You must be the change! You have to start with yourself. It's not just you or them. You belong. You belong to the world, to life.

Accept transience

In most cultures talking about life after death is taboo, they don't want to be aware of it even though they want to believe it. Buddhism teaches that only matter remains after death. Consider the meaning of life after death.

Accept transience.
Accept transience.

Come on

Give yourself. Be a volunteer. Give as much as you can, when you see that someone needs help, not just money, offer them a piece of your time.

Remove the feeling of attachment

In our culture, we often cling to things as if we can no longer live without them. It's like life will stop if we don't have them anymore. In Buddhism, the common practice is to let go of attachment, as they believe that all attachment leads to suffering.

Love the people who are by your side. Love the things you have. Accept the understanding that nothing is permanent.

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