8 ways to strengthen your memory

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Does your memory ever fail you? Does it happen to you that you can't remember where you left your keys and what is the name of your postman? Below you will find some tricks to help you sharpen and preserve your memory.

8 ways to boost your memory:

1. Listening to Mozart's music

A Finnish study last year showed that listening to classical music drastically improves the functioning of genes involved in memory function.

2. The scent of rosemary essential oil

People who inhale rosemary-scented essential oil remember their work tasks better, according to a 2013 study presented at the annual meeting of the British Psychological Society.

How to improve memory?
How to improve memory?

3. Take a laugh break

In a study conducted in 2014, pensioners were shown funny videos. Interestingly, after watching videos of them laughing their hearts out, their cortisol levels dropped and as a result they performed very well on memory tests. "Anything that reduces stress will improve your memory, regardless of age," said Majid Fotuhi, MD, president of the Memosyn Institute of Neurology and author of the bestseller Boost your brain.

4. Learning languages

People who speak English and learn Chinese for at least six weeks are more susceptible to better connectivity between brain regions, research shows.

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5. Take a few deep breaths

Studies show that meditation helps strengthen the brain. Have you ever tried the 7-7-7 exercise by Dr. Fotuhi? When you inhale, let your inhale last for 7 units, then hold your breath for 7 units, and then let your exhale last again for 7 units.

Make sure you have a good memory.
Make sure you have a good memory.

6. Turn off the TV

A 2005 study found that for every hour spent watching television, the risk of Alzheimer's disease increased by 1.3 times. People between the ages of 40 and 59 are particularly vulnerable to this.

7. Regular exercise

People who do not exercise regularly in their 40s are subject to a smaller brain volume in old age, according to research conducted recently at Boston University.

8. Make sure you get quality sleep

People who ensure quality sleep in the middle period of their lives have been proven to achieve better mental functioning in adulthood.

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