9 bitter truths about love that you should know before marriage!

"Love is the only thing that makes sense in this senseless time." - Hans Habe

Relationships are never easy. It doesn't matter how experienced you are or how many relationships you've had, what matters is that you love yourself.

At a time when divorces are more common than marriages, it is very important that you know exactly what you want from a relationship and what you can expect from your partner before taking this important step.

Here are 9 cruel truths about love that people are afraid to admit.

But when you accept them, you will save yourself time and energy, tears and hard words and build a healthy and happy relationship with your partner!

1. Love is not only happiness and joy


Every relationship feels like heaven at first, but it doesn't last forever. People are by nature "programmed", to endure grief and overcome obstacles. You need to learn to understand the real cause of the pain. Be prepared for changes and compromises.

2. You have to move on after defeat

It's crazy to expect your first relationship to last a lifetime. You can become a better partner over time, but like everything in life, it takes practice. Your heart must be wounded at least once to learn to be better.

3. Don't expect too much from others

If you're not ready to do something yourself, don't expect someone else to do it for you. This principle applies to all areas of life. Don't expect your partner to be perfect, remember that you are not perfect either.

4. Life is reality, not a fairy tale/fiction

Humans are real creatures full of different emotions. No matter how many romance movies you've watched or books you've read, your life probably won't be what it's described there.

5. You will receive exactly as much as you give


You want your husband to treat you like a queen. Treat him like a king. Would you like him to be honest? Never lie to him...

6. Say everything you mean, but in a nice way

Do you think your partner is pulling away from you? Did something hurt you? Don't be quiet. Find out what you feel. Don't assume your partner will read your thoughts and feelings. Ask him what the problem is. Talk to each other. Let's communicate.

7. Leave the past in the past

In order for the relationship to be strong and healthy, the mistakes of the past must remain in the past. They no longer have any value. Everything that happened happened.

8. Learn how to keep your pride

Relationships sometimes require partners to apologize to each other and put their own needs on the backburner. This may be difficult to accept, but it is necessary for a mature and quality relationship between two adults. Pride is something else entirely.

9. Respect yourself and you will be respected


If you love yourself, others will love you too. If you constantly find flaws in yourself, you will see them in others.

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