A video that will convince you that size matters

It has long been an unwritten rule that the living room is a meeting place where family members gather and watch popular TV series together. Common spaces became larger, families grew and the need for larger TVs became more and more pronounced. That's why we're talking about size today.

Imagine watching the World Cup matches with your friends on a 81 cm diagonal TV. Most likely, they would never forgive you for this! And after watching the video you will know why.

Samsung is setting the standard for the right screen size with Samsung QLED TVs made a big step.

Your ophthalmologist wouldn't mind

All research findings confirm that QLED technology is yours pleasing to the eye, so the distance of your sofa doesn't even matter anymore. You can enjoy a clear picture on the big screen without a bad conscience, without straining your eyes. Ask your ophthalmologist if you don't believe us.

You are at home and in the cinema at the same time - how is this possible?

All movie buffs know they are screens with a diagonal of more than 190 cm are perfect, as they deliver incredible depth and a clear picture, and every detail is visible from every corner of your living room. Movie marathons are back in fashion – provided, of course, that your TV won't let you down, whether you're watching a surprising sci-fi flick, a Hollywood classic or a tense action thriller.

Samsung QLED television for real movie marathons.
Samsung QLED television for real movie marathons.

Gaming venue in your room? Why not!

By selecting Auto game mode, your Samsung QLED TV is ready to be amazing virtual gaming experience. Indulge in advanced functions and with Game Motion Plus enjoy a continuous and transparent field of view even during the game.

Art on your wall

Let yourself go QLED Ambient mode, which changes the use of TV. Samsung QLED TV recreates decorative patterns in your living room even when it's off and provides you with useful information that fits your lifestyle. Beautiful TV is beautiful on or off.

When you add up how much you would spend on a new pair of corrective glasses, a ticket to a World Cup match, a movie ticket, and compare it to the experience you feel when you win a game, the quality of the image and the aesthetics, you soon realize that cutting-edge digital technology and a perfect picture on the big screen, they don't cost much.

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