A look at the woman of the future - from 1902!

Women of the future more than a century ago

Each of us has ever dreamed about what kind of future awaits us - will we fly through the air, teleport, go on vacation in space? The fact is that no one can predict the future - but that doesn't stop us from thinking about it. And the same thing happened already in the past - our ancestors also imagined what the world would be like in the past or - what the world is like today.

Long flight 1902 he is an artist Albert Bergeret printed cards on which he depicted the woman of the future, as he himself imagined more than 110 years ago - a woman who is a doctor, lawyer, soldier and politician. So he prescribed it for her occupations, which in those days were unimaginable for the fairer sex.

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Through art, our horizons are broadened, and thus he himself contributed a bit to the fact that today we are women equal to men even in professions that were reserved for the male gender just over 100 years ago. Thank you, Mr. Albert!

Check out the gallery below of the female future as he envisioned it a visionary artist.

PS: Some of them have really cute headgear!

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