adidas Pröst: adidas with beer-proof sneakers

Adidas with beer-proof sneakers

September is the time for school desks, planning the autumn garden, the first fog in the Ljubljana basin and it's time for Oktoberfest in Munich. A festival where not honey and milk are squeezed, but beer and its foam. A festival where buxom waitresses in Bavarian costumes with mugs full of golden-yellow drinks entertain mustachioed husbands and their better halves.

This year, Adidas will 'raise their mug', as they have prepared a special edition of their Original München slippers for this year's Oktoberfest, which begins on September 16.

They were named Pröst for this occasion. Why are they special? Because they are covered with high-quality DPBR leather (English durable puke and beer repellent), which will undoubtedly come in handy at an event of this type. They were actually the inspiration for the slippers iconic Bavarian 'lederhose' (after our 'pumparice'), trousers made of durable leather with straps. The inside of the slippers is lined with red and white checkered fabric, which reminds of festival tablecloths, and the Pröst inscription flourishes on both outer sides in golden color.

The price for adidas Pröst is 199.95 euros. Put them on, order a mug and squeal Pröst! Cheers!

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