Aerodium: flights, flights... The first free-fall simulator in Slovenia was opened in Logatec

Aerodium - the first free fall simulator in Slovenia

Do you want to fly? Not by plane, balloon or parachute. Now you can. The first free fall simulator in Slovenia was opened in Logatec, and you won't find such a wind tunnel anywhere else in this part of Europe. Both the youngest and the oldest can experience flying, and the Aerodium center is also suitable for training skydivers.

Center Aerodium it is the first free fall simulator in Slovenia and especially in this part of Europe. It has a wind tunnel flight chamber in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 3.7 meters (it measures nine meters in height). As they say at the company Vision Pro, it is a special aircraft device where an air current (generated by 1000-kilowatt motors) flows through the air ducts, which is so strong that it is possible to lie down in the air, which simulates flying.

Recreational flying can be experienced by young and old, as the wind tunnel is suitable for both for the youngest (from the age of six) as the elderly. To transform into a bird-man for two minutes, you will have to pay 45 euros (group recreational flying is also available), and there is also sport flying, for which you must have completed flight school and have an AFF license or a sport parachutist license.

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Behind Aerodium lying in Logatec and he swallowed 2.5 million euros, stands the company Vizija Pro, which strategically chose the location, as it is also close to interested parties from the Italian, Croatian and Austrian regions. The technology is the work of an international company Aerodium Technologies, which is among the leading manufacturers of vertical wind tunnels, and they also created the world's first recreational vertical wind tunnel.

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