Astrological signs for whom friends are more important than partners

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In astrology, the rule applies to these three astrological signs: "Partnership can last a short time, but friendship can last a lifetime."

With them, the priority is always, literally always - friends, and the partner comes second.

But what are such signs?


Sagittarians hate the feeling of being limited and tied to one person, so they prefer friendly relationships because they are more free. Love almost never prevails with them, but fun.

Having fun with friends means everything to them. Photo: Adrienn / Pexels


Although they are in balance with all areas of life, Libras still have a greater need for friends than for a partner. Under no circumstances should you give the ultimatum "Me or friends?" to this sign. They will always choose their friends.

Instead of seeking comfort from your partner, seek it from your friends. Photo: Liza Summer / Pexels


Aquarians don't want to pick and choose, but if they feel limited or disempowered by their partner, they will always look to their friends for comfort. Friendships are less complicated than relationships, so they prefer them.

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