Bird Island: Is it the smallest island for your next vacation?

Bird Island: Is it the smallest island for your next vacation?

It's hard to imagine having an island all to yourself during your vacation, isn't it? But let's do it, at least for a while. No screaming tourists, no loud boats, every bit of beach is ours and (oops!) no bars with loud music. If this is your dream, you can make it come true, and if you have a bit of Robinson Crusoe in you, this vacation is written for you.

Bird Island, an atoll in the Caribbean, can be yours. For a few days, of course. Only 20 minutes by boat from Belize is a paradise for swimmers, divers and kayakers. You will settle in the only house on the island, which accepts 6 people and is equipped with a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. All the necessary energy is provided by solar and wind panels, and believe me, there is plenty of both. They also provided water, which is filtered for cooking and drinking purposes. Bird Island offers an extremely pleasant climate with slightly lower temperatures when it is hellishly hot on the mainland. Bring food, drink and personal items with you and let yourself be lost in timelessness.

If you go there alone, you will the night cost 520 euros, but if you plan to come with a company, the price goes up to well over 1,000 euros.

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