Bollinger B2 pick-up: now a robust pick-up

When Bollinger first introduced its B1 SUV, it was something completely new and fresh. Versatile SUV with tank characteristics, electric drive and aggressive design. Surely something that everyone would have until the B2 pick-up was introduced.

The problem with the Bolliner B1 SUV for some was that it had too much seats and not enough space for cargo transportation. You could say their concerns were heard, and now we have it available Bollinger B2 pick-up. He kept B2 everything, which is was good in the B1 model, such as the electric motor s 520 horsepower, four-wheeled drive, front luggage space, and added to that patented the last window, which opens and closes, and of course extended caisson, as befits a pick-up car.

Bollinger B2 pick-up
Bollinger B2 pick-up

The caisson Bollinger B2 pick-up can be weighted with 2200 kilograms, and thanks to the rear window, also transportation longer ones objects will not be an obstacle. At the moment, B2 is still in phase prototype, for the year 2020 but they already promise completely working version of a robust pick-up truck.

Bollinger B2 pick-up
Bollinger B2 pick-up

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