Podo camera - a high-tech "selfie stick" from Kickstarter

Podo threw the glove at the selfie stick.

Forget the telescopic selfie stick, here is the Podo, a camera that attaches to any hard surface (wood, concrete, glass,...) with the help of a magnet or a suction cup, a spark (read the link) between it and and turn on Bluetooth with your smartphone. You can capture images, videos and time-lapse videos with it, and you can even back it on Kickstarter.

Camera Pod, which comes from Under Labs, and is not much larger than ice cubes (5.8 x 5.8 x 2.54 cm), boasts resolution 8 megapixels, while it does not distinguish between hard surfaces, as it clings to every one. It is done through it free iOS or Android apps, which allows users to send their photos or videos directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or send them via email.

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Podo threw the glove at the selfie stick. Just watch out for some thief.
Podo threw his glove at the selfie stick. Just watch out for some thief.

51 gram Podo allows you to capture high-definition video 720p at 30 frames per second and it has 4 GB of built-in memory and a battery that can capture footage without respite up to two hours. We charge it via a USB cable. You don't have to look for some crumb from the button to activate it, because you just tap it twice, and thanks to the hinge you can direct it at the desired angle (it is also possible bird's perspective), and you follow the cutout on the phone screen, where it takes place via the application "live broadcast". Watch the video to see what it's capable of, then just get it on Kickstarter, if you no longer want to friends with "selfie" stick doing shame and cutting heads in photos.


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