Casa del Acantilado: an unusual house that even Hundertwasser would not be ashamed of

The architectural wonder of Casa Del Acantilado

Casa del Acantilado, a house in Salobreña, Spain, is a true gem of modern architecture signed by Pablo Gil & Jaime Bartolomé, founders of GilBartolome Architecture. The house of unusual curves has grown on a cliff and offers an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Casa del Acantilado is a true architectural masterpiece. Houses of unusual shapes, which was placed in the cliff above Mediterranean coast, is a single roof, peppered with unusual panoramic windows of irregular shapes.

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In appearance, Casa del Acantilado resembles the face of the Alien from the movie, but we're sure that Friedensreich wouldn't have any problem signing or praising Friedensreich under the house Hundertwasser. They are actually the authors of the house in the place Salobreña in Spain Pablo Gil & Jaime Bartolomé from the bureau GilBartolome Architecture.

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