Cats can see and feel things we can't

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What is your pet's super power? Have you ever noticed her strange positions and sounds? Cats have special powers. Throughout history, they have been known to be associated with the spirit world.

They have supernatural powers, as evidenced by many of their abilities when it comes to supernatural situations, especially in relation to other animals or people. Their senses are much more pronounced and sharper. They can see and distinguish things in poor light.

But that's not all.

Cats can they also sense energy fields and auras, which one cannot see. Interestingly, this applies not only to the aura of the living, but also to those who have passed on to another world. The auras of the deceased in the form of bright light or shadows are clearly seen by the cat, just as you see the chair in front of you.

Your cat is not just like that, it has miraculous powers. Photo: Alice / Unsplash

Have you noticed that your cat occasionally settles in one place, does not move and does not make a sound. They are able to see something or someone your senses cannot perceive.

Cats' hearing is also special compared to other types of animals, which gives them the ability to hear paranormal sounds more acutely.

However, the biggest connection between cats and the paranormal comes from their ability to sense and even affect electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields and their variations are a very good source for detecting paranormal activity.

Cats have senses that can recognize each a change in the electromagnetic field, which they have in common with sharks. All these peculiarities make it easier for cats to adapt to any supernatural activity, and their natural sensors are more powerful than any man-made machine for this purpose.

As we mentioned earlier, their life force is so strong that they can influence electromagnetic fields themselves. That's why you their presence is soothing.

Enjoy its uniqueness. Photo: Ran Mau Tri Tam / Unsplash

How cats are perceived in different cultures

The Egyptians considered cats sacred animals and respected them more than their priests. They believed that cats protect the soul even in the afterlife.

The Chinese gave them a status equal to that of a goddess.

In Japanese tradition, they are considered a symbol of good luck.

Europeans associated cats with the protectors of life, as they killed the rats that were the cause of the bubonic plague.

Of course, there are countless other stories associated with cats, stories that make them symbols of myth and charm.

Hug your furry friend or furry friend.

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