Cheap vacation 2024: in these 2 European countries you can vacation at sea for 1/2 the money

Albania and Greece: Holiday for 4 compared to Croatia, Italy and Spain

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Cheap holiday 2024?! Thinking of a summer vacation at sea, but worried that your budget will suffer too much? Worry no more! We've researched where you can have a great vacation for half the money you'd spend in more traditional destinations. You will be surprised to learn how affordable Albania and Greece are compared to Croatia, Italy and Spain. Read on!

When we talk about a holiday at sea, most people first think of popular destinations such as Croatia, Italy and Spain. However, did you know that you can spend an unforgettable vacation in Albania and Greece for significantly less money? So – a cheap holiday in 2024?! Let's take a closer look at how the prices of these two countries compare to more traditional destinations.

Accommodation: cheap apartments and affordable hotels

An apartment for 300 euros a week?!
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Albania and Greece offer a wide choice of accommodation, from hotels and apartments to luxury villas, all at extremely affordable prices. The average weekly rental price of an apartment for four people in Albania is around €400, and in Greece around €600. For comparison, the same apartment in Croatia will cost you around €1,000, in Italy €1,200, while in Spain it will not go below €1,300.

Food and drink: even up to 70% cheaper than in Croatia

Also, when it comes to eating out, Albania and Greece are great choices. The average price of lunch for four people in Albania is around €30, and in Greece between €40 and €60. In comparison, you will pay around €90 in Croatia, €80 in Italy, and even €120 in Spain. In addition, the quality of food in Albania and Greece is often the same or even better, as both countries are known for fresh, local ingredients and delicious traditional dishes.

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Transportation and Excursions: Inexpensive day activities

Transportation in Albania and Greece is also more affordable. Renting a car in Albania costs around €150 per week and in Greece around €200. In comparison, renting a car in Croatia costs around €300, in Italy €350, and in Spain €400. In addition, tours and entrance fees to tourist attractions in Albania and Greece are often cheaper. For example, a full-day boat trip in Albania costs around €25 and in Greece around €35, while you will pay between €50 and €70 for the same trip in Croatia, Italy or Spain.

Evidence from research: statistics don't lie

According to various travel agencies and price comparison websites, it is clear that the cost of vacationing in Albania and Greece significantly lower. For example, according to research by the website Numbeo, the average cost of living index in Albania is 37.45 and in Greece 58.11, while this index is 52.51 in Croatia, 74.32 in Italy and 63.47 in Spain. This means that the cost of living, including accommodation, food and transport, is significantly lower in Albania. Greece, especially in certain parts such as the Peloponnese peninsula, is extremely famous for its affordable prices.

Cheap Albania and undiscovered Greece

Gjipe beach / Southern Albania / Photo: envato elements

Albania is cheap even in the tourist centers, but Greece is even more special, and that's the one you don't know or haven't heard of yet. So Greece is full of charming destinations that are not yet overrun with tourists. If you want to experience the real Greek culture and avoid the crowds, then the lesser-known landscapes are the right choice for you. While the Peloponnese is already well known, there are other gems waiting to be discovered.

Favorable coastal regions in Greece - click on the destination to see the offer.

1. Peloponnese: Kalamata and Kyparissia

2. Euboea (Evia): Karystos and Marmaris

  • Karystos: This lesser-known destination offers a beautiful coastline and picturesque scenery. Settle in Karystion Hotel, where you will enjoy a peaceful environment and wonderful views.
  • Marbles: A small seaside town, ideal for those looking for a peaceful holiday. Stay in Evia Hotel & Suites, which offers excellent services at affordable prices.

3. Western Greece: Preveza and Parga

  • Bandage: This coastal town is known for its long sandy beaches and affordable accommodation prices. We recommend it Margarona Royal Hotel, which offers a wonderful view of the sea.
  • Parga: Despite its popularity, it is still affordable. Settle in Valtos Beach Hotel, which is known for its friendly staff and affordable prices.

Favorable coastal regions in Albania

1. Albanian Riviera: Himara and Dhermi

  • Himara: This small seaside town is known for its beautiful beaches and affordable prices. We recommend it Rapos Resort Hotel, where you will enjoy a peaceful environment and a beautiful view of the sea.
  • Dhermi: Known for its crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, it offers affordable accommodation options. Stay in Hotel Summer Dream, which is just a few steps from the beach.

2. Saranda and Ksamil

  • Saranda: This popular tourist town offers many affordable accommodation options and is an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding area. Settle in Hotel Brilant, which offers cozy rooms at affordable prices.
  • Ksamil: This small village near the Greek border is known for its stunning beaches and affordable hotels. We recommend it Mare Hotel, where you will enjoy a wonderful view and a friendly atmosphere.

3. Vlora and Radhime

  • Vlora: An important port city with a rich history and good prices. Settle in Hotel Partner, which offers modern rooms and proximity to the beach.
  • Radhima: A small seaside town near Vlora, known for its clean beaches and affordable accommodation prices. Stay in Garden Hotel, which is an excellent choice for a relaxing holiday.



If you are planning a summer holiday and want to save money while enjoying beautiful beaches, delicious food and rich cultural heritage, Albania and Greece are the perfect destinations for you. Why spend more when you can have the same or even better experience for half the money? Check the offers, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable vacation!

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