A colorful and fun ladder for toddlers

KidsLofty transforms modern interiors into real children's corners. Until now, we did not believe that the ladder could be painted on the skin of children.

KidsLofty there is not just one ladder, it is a series of three ladders developed at Alegre Industrial Studio. It is functional, easy, simple, "simple" solution, which is especially useful in attic apartments and everywhere where there is not enough space for other solutions. Model "Snakes" it combines the yellow and blue ladder and is free of sharp edges and corners. Model "Square" is a minimalist ladder that can be bright red, gray or white. "The Tube" but there is a fun tubular ladder in a "toxic" combination of yellow and black. The upper part is designed to prevent falls. First, second or third model - all of them breathe some childishness into modern minimalist interiors. For those who are already shaking their heads that the ladder really isn't for children, it may be reassuring - the ladder meets all the strict safety standards.

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