March 10: Martyrs' Day, the feast of all men

Martyrs' Day, which is celebrated every year on March 10, has its roots in Christianity and is not a counterweight to Women's Day, which occurs just two days before, although the day of all men, as it is also called, is today understood as just that. But the game for the creation of Martyrs' Day was not the jealousy of men who wanted to have their own holiday in every way, it is also not a parody of Women's Day, but the inspiration to be drawn from the story of the 40 Roman soldiers.

Martyrs' Day, the holiday of all men, has outgrown the religious framework and today it on March 10 they don't just commemorate Christians, but everyone. Although it is far from being as high-profile as Women's Day, it shares quite a few similarities with it. Both originated as gender bias for actions that inspire. And as befits Women's Day, men also get a treat on this day little attention of the opposite sex. According to tradition, these are dried on Martyrs' Day plums hung on dry branches with thorns and sausage, which are a symbolic reminder that martyrdom still going on. Well, today it's more about sweet things and some kind of special dinner from my partner.

What will you girls surprise your men with on Martyrs' Day? With a good dinner?
What will you girls surprise your men with on Martyrs' Day? With a good dinner?


The legend of the origin you must know the day. It took root during the reign Emperor Licinius (308-324) when it is 40 Roman soldiers paid the ultimate price for their faith. But today is Martyrs' Day holiday for all men, whether they suffer or not. Well, don't worry if you're not one of those who celebrate Martyrs' Day, which in ancient times, similar to today's Icemen, predicted weather (folk wisdom goes, if the weather is not nice on March 10, it will be like that 40 days later). We will not try to convert you, as Licinius tried to do with disobedient soldiers who were tortured March 9, and the event is commemorated a day later. But we will tell you one thing. If you celebrate it, you are a man that day entitled to rant. So just take it as yours. And another interesting thing. He also celebrates his personal holiday on Martyrs' Day Chuck Norris.

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