Coffee Divination: Interpretations of Letters in Coffee Grounds

Photo: envato

Have you ever considered visiting a fortune teller to read your fortune from coffee grounds? Now that's not necessary, because you can look at it yourself?

Coffee grounds reading is a form of divination in which the patterns left by the coffee grounds in the cup are interpreted as symbols that reveal information about a person's future or current life situation. It is a form of divination often associated with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures, but is not considered a scientific or reliable method for predicting the future.

In the traditional tasseography, as coffee grounds reading is called, it is common for the person doing the coffee grounds reading to turn the cup over before reading the patterns left behind.

The cup is turned on the saucer, and then it is checked, what shapes or symbols are formed by the sediments. Turning the cup is said to help disperse the sediment evenly, making it easier to interpret the patterns. Some also believe that turning the cup helps activate the divination powers of the coffee or tea leaves.

Make yourself a cup of coffee. Photo: Samer Daboul / Pexels

What do the numbers in the cup mean?

You need freshly brewed coffee that will be thick and you will drink it from a cup that is unadorned and pure white in color. After drinking, turn the cup over and leave it like that for a few minutes.

It is important to drink coffee from one side only, hold it in your left hand and always by the handle.

With a little practice, anyone can learn to look into a cup, that's why read some tricks, how to identify the letters on the coffee grounds and what they mean.

A – marks the beginning
B – symbolizes power and dominance at work or represents a great desire to dominate
C – symbol of unfulfilled desire or mistake
D – an unexpected loss, but it can also be the death of a close person
E – spaciousness and the desire for freedom, but it can also mean some depth
F – imperfection, injustice, past sin or some kind of regret
Mr – means repentance and faith in oneself and in people in general
H – balance, resolution of doubts
I – symbolizes stability and support, represents a new beginning
J – a symbol of great love
K – a burden, a doubt, a cross that someone carries
L – happiness that will happen unexpectedly
M – offspring, maternal love
N – misunderstanding, infidelity, restlessness
O – a symbol of completion followed by the fulfillment of wishes
P – fraud, betrayal, deception, infidelity
R – symbolizes malice and manipulation
S – feeling guilty or slandered
T – a tactic, a challenge, an offer that cannot be refused
Š – a burden from the past that you carry like a tail
U – success, problems, hopelessness
V – problems or some hopeless situation
Z – jealousy, malice
Ž - solving the problem for personal benefit
X – ambiguity, doubt
Q – question, thinking, intelligence

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