DIY Android Smart Mirror

DIY smart mirror Smart Mirror.

The prototype of the smart mirror, Smart Mirror, is not the work of any corporation, but of an independent innovator, Nicholas Nothom. It works via a mobile operating system, which otherwise penetrates into all corners of our lives with exceptional speed and through numerous products. He has already jumped from technological toys to everyday objects, and one of the "victims" was a mirror. Smart Mirrot chose Android.

Smart Mirror is a smart mirror that responds to voice commands. He brainwashed him Nicholas Nothom, and he gained Android "education". Despite the fact that it is about prototype, which is not the work of any large corporation, has met with positive responses, not only because it is exceptional in practice, but also because ease of manufacture, which is no secret either, as everything from a to z (production and parts) is exposed on the web address nicknothom.com. The third aspect is the favorable price. You can get the components through the puddle already for a calculated price 480 euros. It is therefore not surprising that even those who make Androids bowed to him.

The Smart Mirror, assembled from accessible parts by Nicholas Nothom.
The Smart Mirror, assembled from accessible parts by Nicholas Nothom.

The Smart Mirror mirror is actually just a reflection of the times, where more and more everyday things are connected with smartphones or tablets. With it, similar to some other wearable devices, you will no longer have to push your phone or tablet for every finger in the palm of your hand, as you will be able to perform simpler tasks right through the mirror and thus still have both hands free. Here we are talking about browsing the web, music management, "reporting" on activities on the smart device (messages, notifications, e.g. that the battery of the smart watch has been charged), spending on eBay, inquiring about the weather and the state of the stock market, etc., which is all displayed on the mirror. It is not yet known when it will be available as a complete product for ordinary mortals, but hopefully the time will come soon when we can say: "Mirrors, mirrors on the wall say..."

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And how does it work in practice? As it should. But we don't have to take our word for it, watch the "garage" video where Nicholas Nothom controls the Smart Mirror via Android Wear smartwatches.

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